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    Creating Personal POIs using Google My Maps

    I downloaded the program and created a gpx file. I put the gpx file on an SD and put it into the car, but it doesn't show up under personal poi. I also have music on the SD. Does that matter? It's a 2014 S212 with MB apps, so I think it's ntg 4.5 at least.
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    S212 3 child seats in 2nd row

    I'm buying a 2015 S212 and I while it does have 7 seats, I want to be able to put 3 child seats across the 2nd row so that I can use the full boot space for holidays etc. The kids are 7, 5 and 1, so I'll have 1 group 1 seat and 2 group 2/3 seats. As with the 5 series saloon that I'm...
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    E250 2014 petrol

    Thank you all for the information. I think I'm going to go ahead and buy it.
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    E250 2014 petrol

    I'm about to buy an E250 W212 estate petrol variant. My mileage is low, around 10K and mostly short trips. Not that many of these cars around amid the masses of diesels. From what I have read, it makes sense for me, and I generally prefer driving petrol vs diesels. Does anyone have any advice or...
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