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    Sir David Attenborough

    That'd make him top 6 at best then...
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    Number Picture Game

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    Number Picture Game

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    Number Picture Game

    Forgive me, I've lived a sheltered life... :(
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    Number Picture Game

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    Number Picture Game

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    Number Picture Game

    I don't get it, what did you expect to see?
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    Forum User Ranks - You Decide!

    ∆ This. In a nutshell. Remove post count and rank, let the content of the post be the deciding factor of the poster's worth. Edit: I'm neither hardcore nor an MB enthusiast, I just happen to have a few 124s which I'm quite fond of.
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    Number Picture Game

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    Number Picture Game

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    Number Picture Game

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    1991 W124 Coupe Interior Wood Trim Removal Tips

    For the heater surround, pull both control knobs, firm grip or pliers wrapped in a rag to protect the knobs. You'll see a large nut where each knob was, unscrew them both. Next there should be two self tapping screws on the lower edge of the surround, just above the radio. You might have to...
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    W124 suspension / handling options

    Not sure about different types of B8s but those are the very items I fitted to my cabriolet earlier this year along with some Eibach lowering springs. Very happy with them too.
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    W124 coupe seat belt problem

    Unless the cogs are jammed you should be able to push the butler back in manually. If you're lucky it's just overshot the position microswitch and it'll come back to life. If not, they are primarily activated by one of the door switches. Easy enough to pop out and test with a meter or check...
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