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    Tools to break into a car?

    Keep your baseball bats in the obvious positions just in case. Whilst I'm not advocating excessive force. If it was me, they would, if I caught them, be drinking through a straw !!!!!!! I kid you not !
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    Have MB owners gone raving mad ?

    Trawling through eBay as one does this cupholder like mine pictured below, is currently at £37. Correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't it only about £23 from the stealers ?:confused:
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    HELP !!! Deciding on a car!

    Thanks Dieselman, but I think my elegance is cool !!!!!!!!!:cool:
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    OT: Some people will buy anything

    Sp!ke, you worry me in that you found this item !:crazy:
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    E320 Elegance for Sale

    Glass's book price is £6610. So Your asking price of £7300 is reasonable.
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    Help me please ! Whats goin' on ?

    Sshhhhhhhh.! Dave (the grass) elcome, They dont seem to have picked up on the issue yet ! I fear i will have to defend my titlle in the end !
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    All those lovely chrome bits

    Pedals and cup holder now fitted, waiting for the heater rings now. Any chance of a photo of those new wheels Ray ?:
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    Help me please ! Whats goin' on ?

    As a youth I had an array of hot hatches in the early 80's. Never made any mods from the standard. Now I'm married, 2 kids, and have a Merc . Not only that, but it's a bloody Diesel estate. Why, Oh why do I feel it necessary to start 'modding' now, at my age !. I think I need therapy...
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    Clarkson on Top Gear

    Anyone explain to me the 'keyfob thing'
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    Thanks Ian For A Good Day (pics)

    Already started Ray, Heater rings ordered from Grav888. Off to Road Range today to order my pedals...........:rock:
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    All those lovely chrome bits

    Couple of 'chrome related' quickies; 1) Is there an OEM chrome gear shift surround for a W210 ( It 's a little confusing as to whether there is or isn't) ? 2) Will the CLK chrome pedals (which I seem to be the only one without them) fit a W210 ?
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    All those lovely chrome bits

    Having returned from the Northern GTG, can someone please remind me of the URL's of the places that do all those chrome accessories for my E Class...............Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!! :rock:
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    Thanks Ian For A Good Day (pics)

    Didn't know what to expect. But had a nice day. You guys are so knowledgeable ! Thanks to Ian for all his effort Thanks to Aletank for the first piccies....My car looks great..........
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    Having trouble deciding on E class estate model

    Disagree, I'm a mere youth, but I concur with that trim level.
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    Having trouble deciding on E class estate model

    Either of the 320 CDi variants. Faced with that sort of choice I wouldn't consider the 270's
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