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    service - can i mix oil type??

    Should not hurt it.. but if your like me it will drive u crazy knowing you have two dif. Types lol
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    Key ignition problem c220 2007 HELP!!!

    I just had this problem. I took my key to MB dealer and they can test the key. Much cheaper the a eis swap out .. mine was $240. Also check the eis fuse. Gl!!
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    c240 v.6 tricks and tips?

    Lol. I heard boosting these makes quite the difference
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    c240 tuck 285/35/18?

    Yeah thats what i was thinkin
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    C class 2007 Coupe Drivers Seat

    Regrease your tracks and moving seat components i would think
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    c240 tuck 285/35/18?

    Wondering if anyone has slapped 285/35/18 rear 255/45/18 front amg wheels on a c240?
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    What has been done to my merc is more like it lol.. got my tires all sliced and somehow the basterds deployed my airbag. She now waits to get towed to merc. Dealer to get fixed. Getting new rims/tires and all new stearing column out it though :bannana:]
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    c240 v.6 tricks and tips?

    Hello everyone im new obvisiously. Stoked to find these forums. Can anyone give me any tricks or tips for upping the performance on my c240. Got it lowered already got dual cold intakes and full exhaust. Thanks!!
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