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    A non rusty 210??

    I recently spotted an E320 CDI W210 estate outside a shop and it looked like a brand new car! I done and MOT check and it had done just over 30k! I was tempted to wait for the owner and ask him/her of they'd sell it :D I can't remember the last time I saw a diesel w210 with that kind of mileage...
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    AMG’s in Picture.....

    Thank you! :) I thought it would be a good comparison to show how a clean silver car looks against a dirty one 😁 Thank you! The wheels are 21''
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    AMG’s in Picture.....

    Not a real AMG but it does have a V12 TT and an AMG kit so maybe I'm allowed to join this group?
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Washed it and went for a drive. I took this pic as I was walking to the car as I thought it looked nice :D
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    your first car

    My first car was a Vauxhall Vectra 2.0L SRI...... super powerful 140bhp car LOL :D...... I was 19 years old and kept spending and spending until i was happy with how the car looked inside and out. I loved this car! I would go to VX meets and shows with it I was one of the first ones to put...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    I spotted two Lambos tonight and one of them had a V12 TLC plate I've also bought another private plate with OCD as it looks like I'm having a collection with OCD plates :D The car is not mine but it was on this car before I bought the plate. The plate will go on my M3
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    16 Cylinders of Pure Enjoyment

    Very nice cars! I don't think I've seen a clk in that colour before. Do you have any more pics?
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    w211 e63 best one for sale humm

    I really like that first one but the price is too high even though it's low mileage. It has been for sale for a long time now hasn't it? First time the pic's were taken outside and the gap on the headlamps looked even worse before. Wasn't this car up for £14999 also? Price has gone up but then...
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    My CL 63 replacement

    That's beautiful! Congratulations
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    s211 e500 strong money only 74k

    That's very strong money! There's a white saloon but the facelift model with the 5.5l engine with 16k on the clock for £10k fully loaded and I'm so tempted to buy that for my father. It's an import and for some reason it puts me off? Would you guys buy an import?
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    Beautiful E63AMG W211

    You're probably right! i do a lot of walking but then again I won't appreciate in value as I become older LOL :D
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    Beautiful E63AMG W211

    I was chatting with my friend about it at work and said even though I feel like it's a shame it's done so many miles as I would have been interested otherwise, it's actually nice to know that the current owner has actually enjoyed owning this car and has driven it! Unfortunately I'm one of those...
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    Beautiful E63AMG W211

    LOL :D good to see I'm not the only crazy one here :D
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    Beautiful E63AMG W211

    That would be me 😆
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