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    MB Factory trip

    Evening all I've been reading many threads about trips to Germany but thought I would ask the question myself. A friend and I are planning a 4 day road trip to Stuttgart with the intention of seeing as many MB related sites as poss. Singlefingen factory tour, MB museum to name the big...
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    Solid Black or Obsidian Black?

    I personally don't like solid black. It almost looks like a shiney blackboard. Obsidian is ok (and the only alternative) but there are better blacks out there. I used to love Fords Panther Black for example. I remember a dealership advising they've never had a solid black car in the showroom...
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    W202 C230 Kompressor with 18" Genuine Monoblocks A little walk around video as photobucket has gone wonky
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    E350 CDI Sport....3 weeks on

    Very nice car and I thought the design prompted the new era of MB at the time. The drive isn't really designed to be 'exciting' tho, more relaxed and refined with the grunt if you need it. At the end of the day it's a longer wheel based C class that's main market is chauffeuring, so would've...
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    Are mercedes driver all -

    I've never waved or been waved at in any of my Mercedes. A 210 E55 owner pulled up alongside me when I had my 202 C43 and said hello but that was about it. When I had classic Fords I would get waved at, beeped, flashed etc all the time. Literally all the time, so much so it made the misses...
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    W202 C230 Kompressor with 18" Genuine Monoblocks

    This is getting embarrassing as the car is still for sale!! Going on eBay again later, want to do an auction but don't think I'm brave enough to deal with the messers. Genuine people, talk to me!
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    My C43 AMG

    Beautiful car
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    Sucessful reduction of road noise

    Sounds like it's had a tank drain maybe due to mis fuelling, there's not really any other reason why you'll need to remove them and they're fitted well from factory. Good job for sorting it tho!
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    W205 Coupe Bonnet Defect

    Between me and my missus we've had several 205's in many different colours and I've never noticed this. It's more 'noticeable' on her hyacinth red one as opposed to my blue one, but either way, you've gotta really be looking. Let it go bud, life's too short.
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    what's wrong with this car?

    AMG = 2 yrs warranty
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    2015 E220 Estate Auto (S212) Rear Disc Removal Help Please

    It's a manual handbrake on them so it must still be in park? Select neutral. As above, check the shoes. Also, you really do need to bash the hell out of it.
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    My CLK320

    WGMB sorted out the MOT today. Got new brakes and pads all round fitted (OEM Parts) , as well as a new castor arm/droplink and parking brake clip... Furthermore got 2 new goodyear asymmetric tyres fitted for the fronts....
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    Trying to stop smoking

    Once a smoker, always a smoker. I've been on and off them for years and although I don't currently smoke, I don't think I've smoked my last cigarette! Tip one is stop buying them (I know sounds obvious but it's the start), bin all lighters etc as well. I then took up the gym and cycling but...
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