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    Brink detacheable tow bar

    From a W202 saloon - will suit Mercedes C Series Saloon (W202) (from chassisnr. A032470/F020798) (except AMG) Building year 1993 - 2000 used but perfect condition. I took it off the car before I sold it. I had fitted it myself around 4 years ago and it took all of 2 hours. Comes with...
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    C280 / C240 and probably other models. NEW parts available

    I have just replaced my 1999 C280 and have some spares left in the garage. Will probably put on Ebay if not purchased here. Unused parts - Bought from German and Swedish Prices include postage and can be paid for by paypal or bank transfer. 12 x NGK plugs - £50 3 x oil filter - £4 each...
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    Men and Motors

    its still available of freesat too its still available of freesat too
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    Smoking In Pubs

    Quote:- "so i'm all in favour of the total ban. My wife is an ex-smoker so i can see the smoker's perspective, but i think that in most places smoking is becoming more anti-social than ever now. My mother in law smokes, and its strange seeing her go outside into the rain/cold standing on her own...
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    Smoking In Pubs

    Can you not liken this new law to the introduction of seat belts. Death rates through wearing a seat belt has gone down, if it was made a law less people would have worn it and therefore dies. Are the government not just following a similar route that has previously worked. As soon as the...
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    Which models can have 6/7 seats?

    We currently have a c280 and its greeeeaaatttt but the wife uses it most days for protection of junior but I am thinking of changing by daily drive 170,000 mile '94 Prelude (what a great car - may keep and restore to its former glorry) but want something with 6/7 seats. I do not want a people...
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    Exhaust Project.

    My new policy says any moficication to the standard performance and standard look of the vehicle.
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    you can get a front seat baby seat The Recaro start range of front seats are designed to go in the front of the car wo you could have 1 seat up front, 1 fixed to the centre in the rear with isofix (so the lap belt can be ignored) leaving you 2 human sized seats free at each side in the rear...
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    1992 MERCEDES 220 CE AUTO BLACK - spares or REPAIR

    nice car. ebay link
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    some interesting readings, wonder if they will get rid of all the camera in the UK now? or would that just cause us to have to pay more tax? Link
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    I have been playing about developing a website and found some great free software included in my annual fee so have created some stuff. 1 thing was a photo gallery so I have been playing and setup a "name the car" competition. There is a prize for the person who names the most in the...
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    All you need is an FM modulator To use your Ipod through the car steeo you just need an FM modulator less that £10 from ebay delivered. You can also get in dash ones that have a hard wiring into the loom...
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    Child seat. Recaro

    Just got a new car seat as my 9 month old son is now too big for his original rear facing seat. (Headrest speakers and front seat friendly even with an air bag) I bought a recaro that suits from 9 months up to 12 years old (dependant on wieght) I was told that starting in 2006 the laws for...
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    Kiddies Bank Account

    Child saving fund Only problem I have with the childs savings account is that the child has full control of it when they reach 18. This means they can spend it on what they want....motor bike....drink....drugs. I think there is a further payment to be made by the government when the child is 5...
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    Anti Litter Campaign

    Smokers in cars are fine so long as they don't litter with the fag end. Use the ashtray, if your car doesn't have an ashtray don't light up!! My real hate is when an adult is smoking in a car and you see the wee kids in the back having to breath in all the cancer.....the parents should be...
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