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    55K Headers, Pulley & Remap offers

    Great price for the headers!
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    What MPG are people getting?

    2005 CLS55 AMG Best 25.9 Plymouth to Lincoln not hanging around Worst Tends to average about 13-15mpg around town for short journey stuff
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    CLS55 AMG - No start/No crank

    Amo - useful to know mine sounds the norm for displayed battery voltage then. markmifsud - Mercare carried out the diagnosis & repair. Car was towed there (after the relay wiggle failed to resolve) and left with them. They advised a replacement front SAM was needed and i went with that. TBH...
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    CLS55 AMG - No start/No crank

    Further update, to close this out if anyone is searching similar symptoms in future. Car needed the front SAM unit replacing. Tow (doh!) + Diag + New unit from Merc + labour at Indy (Mercare) = £700
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    Grey C63 Saloon - Saltash > Plymouth

    Spotted this car twice now, just wondering if it's a forum car (quick search suggests there is a user called Vealige with a C63 in Saltash)? If so, i'm the guy you let in the queue with the black CLS55. You car sounds ridiculous :cool: - got me thinking i should save a bit more!
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    CLS55 AMG - No start/No crank

    Update (and current resolution for the benefit of someone in the future having the problem) Charged battery overnight. Hooked up and tried to start. Same result as yesterday. Checked the battery voltage in the secret menu and 11.9. At this stage i was resigned to going to get a new battery...
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    CLS55 AMG - No start/No crank

    Cheers guys. Sometimes the obvious answer is right - just pulled the main battery out and stuck the charger on it and its well into the empty part of the gauge. I'll try to bring it back to life overnight, if not i'll pick a new one up. Then if it fires i'll check the voltages in the hidden menu...
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    CLS55 AMG - No start/No crank

    Hi all, Apologies for making my first post on here a problem post but the guys over on Pistonheads recommended this forum. Love the car, except its stuck on my driveway going nowhere fast as it stands. Background - fairly new owner of an 05 plate CLS55 AMG. When purchasing the vehicle, the...
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    Kleemann headers M113 New

    Can i take the SC pulley? Small world but i'm in Plymouth too so can collect.
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