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    Your day in three words.

    Wife, sofa, grovelling
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    Naked Wife again, with body kit this time.

    Car looks lush bud
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    What started your car addiction?

    It’s a lot easier to fit 3 in a car than on a BMX I’ll give you that 😂
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    Most/least favourite thing about your Merc.

    My other car is a modified Subaru Impreza so I love the merc for it’s quiet soft and effortless cruising speeds for longer journeys (don’t get me wrong blasting round the Scottish highlands for 8 hours is great in the Subaru but not on long motorway journeys) and as for hate this probably...
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    Classic V8 ownership

    I like when my wife says “act your age” and I get her to try explain exactly what every person my age does that is exactly the same which warrants the need for conformity, she usually shakes her head and takes my unicorn teddy off me, I’m only 38 but still make random people laugh in the shops...
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    Classic V8 ownership

    Thanks for the info folk, I’ve driven some old cars and know not to expect any handling or stopping or even speed to be honest as most early V8’s don’t even have 300bhp and weight more than a battleship but I just can’t stop smiling thinking about cruising along with the family with that V8...
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    Classic V8 ownership

    I’ve always fancied an American V8 and recently noticed that for 10k I could in fact actually own such a thing, I’ve been looking at dodge darts and such and yes they ain’t show cars and I wouldn’t expect as such but the look and sound of an old V8 is something I need in my life so question...
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    Wheel Cap size 70mm

    Mine just arrived bud and fit perfect on my Standard E-class 211 wheels and my S-class 17’s
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    Evening all

    Welcome along
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    Wheel Cap size 70mm

    Let the wife drive it that’s how my mysteriously come off 😂 albeit not practical since I cannot find it
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    2 boost related issues OM642

    just weird I’ve got no codes for it, maybe I’ll just attack the wastage and see if it helps as I’ve seen /read that causes no boost and it’s intermittent also
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    Wheel Cap size 70mm

    my bad bud you are correct I’ve just looked and mine state 75mm 🙈 could’ve swore I seen 70mm but will let you know if they fit maybe they are measuring outer diameter of cap and centre hole is 70mm here’s what I’ve ordered they’re the same is my ones on my w211 E-class...
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    Wheel Cap size 70mm

    One of my centre caps literally fell off yesterday and it looks horrendous, I’ve ordered some cheapos £10 off eBay and all I could find was 70mm bud so don’t know if I’ve maybe searched something specific to get that or just a fluke but sure I just searched Mercedes centre caps
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    2 boost related issues OM642

    It’s a 55plate 140k and no idea on gearbox service but I can ask my uncle as he done a lot of work on it as he was a mechanic for about 40 years, no current fault codes either apart from the glow plug which I’ve known about for ages, no engine codes or transmission codes at all (apart from...
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