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    C63 Snow Drift

    I'll see your drift and raise you
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Last nights dinner was venison steaks(from M&S) with mixed veg and dauphinoise potatoes.
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    Even more new jokes...

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    Time to cancel sky again ?????

    I'd say its alright. We're paying similar. £89 per month to Sky. That gets Sky Fibre unlimited(or whatever its called these days), Sky talk/line rental, Sky entertainment, Sky sports complete, multiroom & Sky ultimate. Sky ultimate includes Netflix, and because I've got Sky Q, with HD, then...
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    2019 C63 conundrum

    High depreciation on AMG's is to be expected i think. Probably similar across all high end manufacturers
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    2019 C63 conundrum

    Have you considered an E63?
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    Should I keep or trade in my 2013 C63 estate?

    Suspension on W213 E63 is definitely more firm than the W212 version. And the amount of steering lock on the W213 is pathetic compared to the W212. However that aside, the W213 has a much nicer interior
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    CTEK for 2020 E63S - permanent install?

    That's what I do, connect it all up, close the bonnet and leave it on overnight, need to drill anything
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    C43 Amg advise please

    They are excellent tyres You can set the tyre pressure to read psi on the Mercedes Me app, just not on the car though
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    Gyeon wet coat.

    I use it on my ceramic coated car. Love the stuff, spray on only one panel at a time, then power wash to spread it. Definitely enhances the glossyness, and fantastic beading. On my wife's car I use something called ultra gloss which is manufactured by a local company called
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    Films you tried to watch but soon switched off

    Inglourious basterds, turned it off after 20 minutes
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Salad is there, keep it healthy 😆 Last night was venison steaks, with cauliflower cheese, broccoli and mash potatoes.
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    I was unable to upload this from my phone on Friday night, but better later than never
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Well, it was lovely food as always, and it's been quiet sometime since we've last been due to lockdown nonsense. I had a chefs special, medium/hot spiced curry, which contains lamb, chicken tikka and King prawns. Pilau rices and garlic naan's shared
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