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    Mark300SL. All members please read.

    RIP Mark.
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    Spelling Police

    There’s a railway bridge that goes over the M25 near Heathrow with “GIVE PEAS A CHANCE” painted on it.:dk:
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    preventative maintenance?

    Grease the windscreen wiper workings. Its on here somewhere how to get the cover off and do it.
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    Where am I ?

    Easy if you know the answer!
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    Heads up (Literally) Meteor shower tonight

    I've just heard this is happening again tonight and tomorrow night. Hope you get to see some.
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    20p coins fetching good money on Ebay

    So would it be counterfeit to reproduce something that wasn't legal tender in the first place? Or were they?
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    Big wet butts

    I ordered one. When I get my letter I'll be asking what I'm supposed to do with the hole I've just dug in my lawn ;)
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    What Merc is this?

    Dunno but looks like you're going downhill fast;)
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    Revolving number plates...Bond gadget or well dodgy?

    Perverting the course of justice seems likely.
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    Paid a deposit... and now they are not answering my calls

    I can understand your concern but to be slightly positive all they seem to have done wrong so far is not be very good at answering the phone. The salesman made redundant may not have been a very good one. They've not failed to deliver just yet. I hope they do. Fingers crossed for you.
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    And you thought the Sun was big???

    I think you'll like this one: Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party on Vimeo
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    W124 Tyre pressure towing Caravan?

    Leave it at home and stop holding up the traffic ;)
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    Ferrari to quit F1

    Nope, Ferrari threatened to quit Formula 1.
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    mb kettering

    That's interesting, I was in Kettering today and noticed Kettering Cars (Boarded up), Honda and Peugeot all have empty forecourts, not a single car for sale!
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    Campervan Party?

    It was the National Motorhome Show
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