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    CLK220 2007 MPG / Turbo issues

    Go on then how do you know?
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    CLK220 2007 MPG / Turbo issues

    Star done already I think but they reckon its a inefficient turbo possibly but not 100% ....trying to decide to trade it in or throw more money at it?? Thanks
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    CLK220 2007 MPG / Turbo issues

    Hi there, Recently brought a CLK220 AMG with tiptronic and it drives fine but not quite as quick as I would like but the mpg is only around 32-34mpg on a 55mph run on A roads and drops to mid 20's around town. Garage thinks it may be a turbo issue and suggest taking it out for tesing /...
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    2003 c220 td estate alloys

    Hi there, Can anyone help what size alloys do I need to look for that will fit onto C220 2003? I am looking at 16 or 17's but have no idea regarding sizes and offsets? Looking to get a cheap second hand set to tidy the car up. Many thanks Sion
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