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    Three years today, sadly missed, RIP mate and I hope that you are modifying those pearly gates
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    £5k investment for the future.

    W124 Estate or Coupe' would be a decent buy I think
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    Happy Birthday, SL300-24

    Thank you
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    Three years next month RIP mate, miss ya
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    So I bought a 129

    Nice motor Dash look forward to seeing it sometime
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    Cheap w124 convertible

    Probably an engine wiring harness issue
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    Weak A/C, thoughts?

    I had a similar problem with my S211 and had to clear the fault codes caused by low gas before it would recharge properly.
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    R129 Sun visor plastic trim replacements

    Derek it is £49 for one pair, gets cheaper for more pairs
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    ATS Air Con offer is back £38.99/£45.99 R134A

    Had my 129 done last week, my 211 is booked in for Monday
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    W124 and antifreeze

    Comma G48 antifreeze is fine for your car
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    W124 cutting out (fuel incompatible?)

    No problem, I am Ray Derek is sadly departed, but not forgotten
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    W124 cutting out (fuel incompatible?)

    Probably dizzy cap and rotor would sort it, these engines are pretty susceptible to it change the seal as well to keep the damp out.
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    Anyone bothered/obsessed about depreciation.

    I'm not saying anyone is skint (apart from me) but I run old interesting (to me) cars that I enjoy, and generally I can sell them for somewhere near what they owe me. However, I am sure that if a massive lottery win came my way and I was rich, I would buy cars brand new and give a jot about...
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    Anyone bothered/obsessed about depreciation.

    I suppose depreciation only concerns those that cannot afford it.
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    CLS buying guide (C219/W219)

    Yes get them changed, cheap to do.
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