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    Cheaper up north.

    You only tell after a few years. I had wheel refurb done in Rotherham after around 3 years the powder coating came off in sheets. Poor wheel preparation/cleaning?
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    Buying used alloy wheels and tyres from Germany?

    The radio was via eBay, they did not collect the VAT, it was Parcel Force.
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    Buying used alloy wheels and tyres from Germany?

    The radio I bought from a German non VAT registered vendor Radio. £271.37 VAT. £48.75 Clearance fee. £12.00 So be aware can become expensive, downside of Brexit.
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    Buying used alloy wheels and tyres from Germany?

    That's OK if you are dealing with a VAT registered company. Small companies not registered and individual vendors you will pay 20% UK VAT plus extra £11 demurrage. I am in the process of importing a classic car radio from Germany. The package has disappeared into the bowls of DHL.
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    Potential New Owner

    No such thing as a cheap MB, Have just spent around £5K on my 190B, total brake (drums) overhaul, prop shaft work, new kingpins etc, rear axel oil leak and many small items neglected by the last fixer.
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    Buying used alloy wheels and tyres from Germany?

    I think you are right, have heard same number. But there are considerable increase in cost of paperwork/documentation. The radio I am getting for my 190B costs around €235 so VAT and other charges will be added. Downside of Brexit.
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    Buying used alloy wheels and tyres from Germany?

    Does price include German VAT at 19%? You will have to pay 20% on import plus other charges Get a quote from vendor less German VAT. I just bought a radio from Germany and the vendor is not VAT registered and it will cost an extra 25%, VAT, handling charges etc.
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    Best Place to source a CLK Convertible

    There is a potential problem Blobsta, how many actually fail?
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    New member but possibly won’t be back!

    Forums etc, you hear mainly bad news. Check Honest John, google and others. Buy a petrol car, less hassle. For me fuel consumption is not the only consideration.
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    w123 engine problem advice

    If you take the off the oil filler cap I think you will see the timing chain, turn the crank and see if the chain moves.
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    LADA NIVA-I thought they were extinct

    The appalling ’roads’ in Africa the last thing you need is fancy electronics. Fuel consumption is minor consideration, My LR Defender was on its 3rd set of wheel bearings and total brake overhaul at around 75k kilometres
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    LADA NIVA-I thought they were extinct

    Have used one, vey competent off roader. Badly built but no worse than a Land Rover.
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    New Old Member

    Get a 5ltr V8, I wish I had.
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    Free charging

    Quite right, 'no such as a free dinner'
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    Defender VED?

    Have spent many years driving LRs and Defenders in Africa. If you want permanent back ache in later life drive one, horrendous.
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