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    BMW 640d gran coupe

    Has any one experienced the 640d gran coupe??? Heard these are good especially with a map??? Compared to cls63 ??
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    Advice on 2013 S63 biturbo

    Thanks pal.
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    Advice on 2013 S63 biturbo

    Hi all I’m on the hunt for a late S63 5.5 biturbo... did they all come in LWB as I would prefer the SWB version but not too fussy. Also what did the performance package and drivers package comprise of??? Did it have LSD etc??? Finally, obviously As we all know these cars are generally fully...
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    Happy Birthday, smoothcoupe

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    E55k alternator Bosch or Lucas?

    Hi all my 2004 E55 alternator has gone pop... euro car parts only have Lucas ones, is the original one on the car a Bosch unit??? Does it make a difference in terms of fitment reliability etc.. or is it best to get original one from MB??
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    2004 E55 camber bolts

    Hi all. I’m if the understanding front sport camber bolts can be bought from dealer for adjustment of front setup. (Chewing up inside of tyres). If so does Anybody have part number please. Thanks.
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    E55 lowering links. Geometry

    Hi all I lowered my 2004 E55 with lowering links. It looks great. But when I was servicing car last night I noticed inside of tyres wearing pretty badly front and rear. Any ideas or geometry specifications for adjustments??? Anyone else had this problem?? Thanks
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    2004 E55 sunroof stuck

    Hi all. Sunroof on my E55 stuck shut. I’m trying to open it to lube it up and clear any water drainage. I put little Alan key in manual closing but it won’t budge either.. any ideas guys????
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    2004 E55 windows misting up

    Hi all. The windows in my E55 mist up a lot especially when it’s damp and rainy. Once heating is up and running it’s not too bad. Any pointers???? Blocked drainage etc. Help appreciated. Thanks.
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    S63 swb???

    Hi all was wondering whether the s63 either in 6.2 form or 5.5 biturbo comes in swb all the ones I’ve seen are in LWB and look a bit dopy and ship like in my opinion. If it does come in swb then all good, it’ll be next on my list
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    W211 E55 auto boot opener

    Thanks mate. Appreciated.
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    W211 E55 auto boot opener

    It worked when I got the car 6 years ago for about 3 years. Only thing I can think of is I changed the clocks from 160mph to later 200mph clocks. Had them done via star so all correct info transferred over. So your probably right pal. Maybe it needs inputting back on
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    W211 E55 auto boot opener

    Just seen this in YouTube, was wondering if this could apply to my car as I completely disconnected the battery whilst repairing wiring
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