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    New Owner CLK320

    Thanks for the bits of advice from previous posting Went and test drove a 1998 CLK320 and as the advert said like it so much we bought it. It has a bit more get and go than I thought it would have after being spoilt by Subaru Impreza. Paid £13590 58k miles with a leather interior plus...
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    Looking at 320CLK any advice

    Thanks for the replies so far Would love a convertible but at present just out of our price range Have a wedding to pay for next year, oh and its not mine but my daughter, the sacrifices one makes for our kids!! Took me 52 years to get the car I wanted still the Subaru and Audi have to go...
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    Looking at 320CLK any advice

    Hi there, new to this forum, used to have a 220 classic until the company car came along (Passatt!!! ) so swapped the Merc for a Audi convertible 2.6 E great fun in the sun and then managed to persuade my wife to let me buy a Subaru Impreza and store the Audi well the Subaru is an amazing car...
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