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    New wipers from MB squeek

    clk320x, correct spelling would be good
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    Man vs woman...

    Can't see this one getting far before it's closed, some boy!!! :ban:
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    Am I asking too much for it??

    From your ebay feedback looks like the Dunlop tyres are second hand bought from ebay, Jan, Feb and March 2012, so that sounds like value for your money
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    Untaxed vehicle on private land

    You can check yourself to see if the vehicle is on sorn. or taxed DVLA's Vehicle online service. | Please update your browser cookie settings to use this site Or insured without any cost to you askMID
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    group buy re map's

    Hi matty.13 I've watched this thread with interest and have voted for the Newcastle option, thanks
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    wanted w210 e320 2001 floor mats black

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    Foot brake and a driver used to manual

    Thanks corned, and yes that sure does happen, not out on the highway, but for sure when in slow moving situations as both feet hit the brakes ! The young technicians at the dealers know all about it, mind only once
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    Foot brake and a driver used to manual

    I believe the driver who is new to auto is more likely to go for a clutch pedal with their left foot when a sudden situation in slow moving traffic arises, one thing for sure they never do it again (large brake pedal and the brain sending the foot to the floor)
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    MB Independent Repairers North'ld - Cumbria

    Hi out there, I'm looking for independent service and repair outlets in the Newcastle / Gateshead or Carlisle areas All help and knowledge is appreciated Thanks in advance :)
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    E320 cdi Engine oil overfill

    Thanks Russ, I have not actually overfilled the oil, just nice to know where things are:D
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    E320 cdi Engine oil overfill

    The owners manual for this car, (6cyl inline) says that should the engine oil be accidently overfilled one should go to MB, where a technician will syphon or draw off the excess oil from above My question to others out there with experience is, where on the engine can the syphon tube be...
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    Merc W211 Oil Change

    211 Oil change Hi mine's a Nov 2003 E320 cdi and I want to suck the old oil out, please where on the engine can I insert the suction tube, bearing in mind this car has no dipstick Many thanks for replies
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