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    7g tronic DIY advice from people who have done it

    I did this job on my 2007 E320 cdi 7g last year having previously done a 2000 CLK 320 5 speed. I bought a gearbox service kit from MB Newcastle who delivered promptly and answered questions quickly as well. From memory the kit was oil, filter, seal, sacrificial bolts and the plastic tube inside...
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    W210 Gearbox, changing down from 5th to 4th under load over 70mph

    The symptoms you describe are very similar to my w208 CLK 320 some years ago. A gearbox oil and filter cured it.
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    W211 gearbox oil

    9L with torque converter, I did mine about a month ago.
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    E320 Limp mode

    It's the new bit on the end of the grey horizontal cable pic centre, close to the bulkhead.
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    Om642 torque specs

    Head bolt numbering. Left head 7 is left front 6 2 3 7 5 1 4 8 Right head 7 is right front. 5 1 4 8 6 2 3 7 Hope this all makes sense, details for a 2011 car
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    Om642 torque specs

    Details have some protection so I can't copy and paste. Cyl head. Max bolt length 207 mm 1. Bolts 1-8 10Nm 2. M8 20Nm 3. 1-8 60NM 4. M8 20Nm 5. 1-8 90deg 6. M8 20Nm 7. 1-8 90deg 8 M8 20 Nm 9. 1-8 90deg 10. M8 20 Nm Mains. Use new bolts. 1. 35Nm 2. 95deg 3. 95deg Side bolts 1. 53 Nm 2. 95 deg...
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    Om642 torque specs

    I probably can supply info from Autodata but it's all fairly involved, 10 stages to tighten the heads down for instance. It also says to replace the con rods as well as the bolts when doing the big ends, I would think it'll be an expensive job. It would be better if you supply detailed info on...
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    500SEC Bent rotor arm after 50 miles

    Sorry, typo on the rotor arm number, should be 1234 33 2337.
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    500SEC Bent rotor arm after 50 miles

    I took some pics but i'm not sure there's much point in posting them. I have the same control unit as you with no sign of any ballast resistors aside from the heater one. Coil, cap and rotor all seem to be Bosch, cap 9 290 004 565 and rotor arm 1234 55 2337. I can't see a coil number and the...
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    500SEC Bent rotor arm after 50 miles

    I have a June 1985 500SEC which starts and runs well aside from being a bit lumpy on cold idle. Let me if you want me to check any part numbers etc for comparison though you seem to have plenty of info to work with. Aside from what looks like a dealer fitted immobiliser the car appears standard.
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    500 SEC Transmission drags engine idle down

    I have an 1985 500 SEC and it idles at about 600 rpm hot falling to about 450 rpm in drive. I don't consider it a problem as it's smooth and never stalls.
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    W126 rusty under fuse box

    Mine was a little beyond steps 1-5 listed above, as the original posters probably is as he is saying the ARB clamp has come away. Mine was corroded but intact under the fuse box but the other side under the battery tray looked like this on first inspection. The pic is taken looking vertically...
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    W126 rusty under fuse box

    I see the link posted above is for removing the anti roll bar, I didn't. I took the side I was doing off the suspension and the mounting then jammed it as far out of the way as I could get with a block of wood. Seems a big job removing an ARB
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    W126 rusty under fuse box

    I did my 1989 300SE under the battery tray on the opposite side, it was fiddly. It depends if you want concours or useable, once I realised it didn't have to be exactly as factory, just structurally sound it was a lot easier. On mine the mount was ok, it as the surrounding area that was eaten...
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    Mercedes ml few faults

    When I had a 2000 Clk 320 and the alarm started misbehaving I unplugged the factory alarm unit which was behind the passenger side fog lamp. Locking was unaffected.
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