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    W202 C250D (manual gearbox) stuck in first gear

    interestingly mine did exactly the same one day this summer but in reverse blocking the main road through our busy village, afraid brute force was the only option touch wood it hasnt happened again and Ive no idea what caused it
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    w210 e300 td engine knoking

    its more than likely just a bit of air in the fuel, not enough to cause trouble starting but enough to describe your symptoms exactly,and nothing to worry about
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    E320CDI or E300D + Home Made BioDiesel

    besides all that, vegoil/bio is legal black diesel isnt
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    W202 C250TD failing to start...

    compression compression test would quickly eliminate engine health as a factor, if done yourself youll just need adaptor for the glowplug holes to fit tester theyre pretty cheap to buy now, a good engine should be in the region of 400psi then allow some for age etc however if it doesnt use...
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    Worst Top Gear ever tonight

    Mr Tumble Having a granddaughter in the house I realised a long while ago Mr Tumble (CBBC channel 121) is actually far funnier than TG
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    W202 C250TD failing to start...

    compression traditionally a well worn engine becomes hard to start when warm due to compression loss bump starting it turns engine over faster than starter so it will start, could be your problem how many miles on the car? has it had proper engine oil services
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    W202 C250TD failing to start...

    odd youve got a a strange fault there, if it was starter/battery related youd expect cold starting to be worse especially this weather however the noise you describe is difficult to diagnose without hearing it do you mean jump start as in leads from another car, if that works youve more than...
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    C250TD W202 not starting - ish?

    hard to tell difficult to say definitively as these engines as a rule wont start if none of the glow plugs are working however with easistart and air in the fuel system Id still expect it to crank a bit til it pulls air free fuel thru best look at the clear fuel pipes before you start to...
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    underbody rust and treatment

    Denso I use this and this messy but works, rust doesnt want to be blisters/ flaky...
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    C250 W202 OM605 another squeaky/squealing idler pulley question

    tensioner if your tensioner assembly is moving from side to side (and not the usual up/down) it sounds like the bronze bush has gone on the pivot
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    c32 front bumper needed

    bumper I presume youve already tried Dronsfields
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    C250 W202 OM605 another squeaky/squealing idler pulley question

    damper instead of pushing down on the casting like you did push on the top of the damper as the bushes fail and can rattle, if the bushes have failed it could also explain your "shaking like ****" because as a result the damping wont be working
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    Simple one. Fuel hose W210 OM606

    O rings whilst manifold is off best replacing all the O rings on the clear pipes and prefilter etc and check black rubber hoses feed and return and clips hissing when you release tank cap try running it with cap loose, any hissing will mean lift pump is working hard to draw fuel making it more...
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    E 300 td diesel knock

    hydraulic damper does your engine have the hydraulic damper on the auxilliary belt tensioner, slightly worn bushings can cause a tappety sound at lower revs ,put your thumb on top of it see if the noise stops
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    How to verify an optional part -LSD.

    diff From memory when I swapped the diff on my 202 diesel for a different ratio Ian Dronsfield said there were 2 actual sizes of diff fitted i presume according to engine power and I believe the older models with a shared back wheel abs had the sensor incorporated in the diff and not the...
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