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    How easy to replace a front camber arm ball joint in C180 estate

    Easy peasey. Remove centre undertray, remove inner bolt to the subframe usually 2 21mm spanners required but sometimes a torx is used which is e20. The 21 mm nut on outside. Sharp hammer hit to brake the tapper then refit. 30 mins most. 10 minuites on a ramp at work. Don't even remove the wheel
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    Loosing Speed

    Mb tech here. If the top cat had gone it will of probably blocked the lower cat so my advise to prove this is to remove the clamp between the two and road test it as this will allow the gases to escape ok. It will be a little loud but will prove if you have power back or not. Top cap failing...
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    mercedes c270 inlet port shut off

    On the v6 you can change the motor with the turbo on. Saves on snapped bolts but you do have to be quite heavy handed tbh
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    w203 Deisel pump issue?

    Mb tech here. Several things cause this issue and I think u may have 2 faults. Possibilities are blocked fuel filter causing poor fuel return so fuel not swoped over in the tank causing you to run out as right side of tank will be dry with the left still containing fuel. Air in lines due to...
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    Mercedes benz E320 cdi 3.0 v6 oil leak

    It takes a while for the v to empty out so I'd say u have sorted it tbh
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    W211 280 CDI trouble starting

    It will always apear and should always wait for it to go out before starting
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    W219 (same as W211) wiper mechanism - help please!

    It will be loose nut 100% it's really common
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    Auto dipstick!

    The measure meant lengths to the end don't help guys as it does not push all the way in to the handle like an engine dipstick. If you do an oil and filter on you box run it drain it change filter clean magnets and rebuild. Add 3.7 Ltrs of oil and that will be spot on trust me.
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    3 day w220 owner be kind !!!!!

    Look for the anti rattle spring resting on the disk as they warp and go soft. Modified spring available from mb
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    Heater drain hoses w211 eclass.

    The 211 has drains in the back of both front wheel arches that blocked up. Pull the rear of the arch liner forward and there maybe a black plastic funnel visible held in by 2 10mm black nuts. Just remove it. Lots were removed in the early days of the models life but yours may still be there...
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    Heater drain hoses w211 eclass.

    They are just behind the bell housing but can't really see them well as they are so high. Best way is put the ac on and follow the drips after 10 mins
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    STAR Codes: What Next?

    M55 inlet shut off causes the limp home and other faults are stored due to this failing. Usually the linkage drops off as it's worn
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    Problem Starting from cold

    What make are the glow plugs? We've had this at work before on the 320s. If they are not genuine behr plugs they cause issues. The White smoke is unburnt diesel.
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    transmission, shudder

    I'd say torque convertor and prop coupling for the clunk
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    3 day w220 owner be kind !!!!!

    The ac will work as it's used to clear windows but fans won't run as condenser temp will be low enough for them not to run
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