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    C220 (2018) AMG Line Premium - Weird key behaviour

    In my experience, key fob batteries usually give you some warning they they're about to fail: typically, it might take several attempts to lock the car. Yesterday, when I briefly parked up in the course of a journey, the display flashed up a message: "Replace key fob batteries". There had been...
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    Intermittent Engine Fault- loss of power/turbo no EML

    I experienced exactly the same behaviour with an 2009 E220 (W211). I reckon the most obvious diagnosis - the correct one in my case - is a faulty auto transmission electronic module. This incorporates transmission's rpm sensors. When I had the repair carried out in 2016 by an indy the part...
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    Collision prevent assist - is this "AEB"?

    The C-Class model number is W205 from 2014 onwards (including the 2018 facelift) - or so I believe.
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    Collision prevent assist - is this "AEB"?

    And just be 100% clear... LV= do ask and "AEB" was listed on the C220d Sport Premium policy docs.
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    Collision prevent assist - is this "AEB"?

    No data card since I haven't taken delivery. Now read that some insurers will apply a premium discount as high as 15% for AEB - but less than sure about that. Still, you'd think that AEB would reduce the risk of an expensive claim.
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    Collision prevent assist - is this "AEB"?

    To chick0821: My insurers are LV=. I recently owned a C220d Sport Premium and got a discount for AEB. Now, as you'd gather, not so sure that collision prevention assist meets that standard. This is obviously important: if you have declared the vehicle to have AEB, then get involved in a crash...
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    Collision prevent assist - is this "AEB"?

    I can't for the life of me find a definitive answer to this. I'm about to buy a 2018 C220d AMG Line Premium. The spec includes "collision prevention assist" (not "collision prevention assist plus"). I know that when I put the car on my motor insurance policy I'll be asked if it has an...
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    C220 W205 Rear number plate change

    *stuck to the holder.
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    C220 W205 Rear number plate change

    I need to change the registration plates on my 2015 C220. The front plate looks straightforward, but the rear plate is "captured" in a black plastic holder. There's no obvious way of removing the plate except by inserting a coin or a flat blade between the plate and the holder, then trying to...
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    Courier services?

    From Yodel on behalf of Aldi - part of the consignment missing too.
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    C-Class 220 CDi (W205) (2015) - Auxiliary battery problem

    Update my end: The auxiliary battery was replaced and since then the stop/start function hasn't worked once... the amber icon stays on all the time. In the two years I've had the car, the feature has only worked on a handful of occasions, usually on a long run in hot weather.
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    C-Class 220 BlueTec Sport - NOX sensor replacement

    Update: Just came across this... and there's an obvious connection.
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    C-Class 220 BlueTec Sport - NOX sensor replacement

    Just booked a service for my C-220 (W205) (June 2015) and the (approved repairer's) confirmation email advised that the work will include "Carry out SMPC760 - Update Engine Control Unit Software, Replace NOx Sensors". Inevitably, I've carried out some research on this (asking the dealer for...
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    W205 rear tyres. AMG Line C220i

    Think you were unlucky with the Contisports. I've managed 25,000 on mine, with tread comfortably above the limit, but they've started to feather at the edges due to their age (5 years-ish).
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    Replacement tyres for C-Class (2015) (W205) - Runflats?

    What brand of 19" runflats were factory fitted? Apologies if I ought to have detected the answer in the post! You may well be correct about modern runflats, but anyone with experience of Bridgestone Potenzas doesn't have a good word to say about ride quality.
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