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    How much do you pay for insurance

    I was quoted £510 for my W211 E320 CDi Sport, I managed to get a quote for £292, and my current insurance provider matched it! It pays to shop about! No points, no accidents, only driver social, domestic and commuting. 13 years NCB, Cornmarket.
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    Can you fit a modern smartphone to a 2006 W211?

    The connector in my armrest looks like it will suit an old mobile like a Nokia 6230. Is there a converter available for a modern phone? I don't want to change my head unit as I have comand and a 6 disc changer. My car is a E320 sport registered in Nov 2006.
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    Comand system disc

    The bridge was built after my car was built. The local stealer is supplying a disc for £100. Thanks everyone.
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    Comand system disc

    My Nov 2006 E320 CD1 Sport has the original Comand disc in the unit. I was driving over the Clackmannanshire bridge, but on the screen, I was in the River Forth! I am unsure of the discs on E Bay, I don't want to wreck the system, but don't want to spend a fortune. Any ideas or advice please?
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    MOT Failure

    :fail My 2001 clk 230 Avantgarde is dead! It is a rare manual 6 speed 144000 miles with a stainless exhaust, stepped AMG alloys with nearly new Dunlops on the rear. The front wings were renewed a few years ago. The rust bug was the reason for the failure. It cannot be driven as a brake pipe...
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    W208 Front Suspension Collapse

    My local MB dealer had the new perches on the shelf, £22 for the pair, they sell them regularly! A local garage is doing the job for £40 a side.:D
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    W208 Front Suspension Collapse

    I jacked the car up and pulled the offside coil spring off by hand! The nearside has split too!
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    W208 Front Suspension Collapse

    My wife and I are fine thanks. I can buy the repair panels from e bay for £22 a side, they suit W202, W208 and R107 models. 31 sold , so there must be a problem!
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    W211, 270 or 320 cdi?

    As the front suspension has collapsed on my beloved CLK, I am considering a W211. I reckon that a 220 will be a wee bit underpowered, so am thinking a 270 or 320 cdi, hopefully in Avantgarde trim with full leather and heated seats. Is their any problems to look for? I can afford a 2004 or 2005 car.
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    W208 Front Suspension Collapse

    Has anyone else been driving along when their front suspension suddenly collapses?:fail The top mountings for the front springs have disintegrated! I see that Mercedes supply the repair sections and read something about a recall for this in Canada. Is my car worth repairing, it is 16 years...
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    Mercedes CLK 230 Rare 6 speed Manual for Spares

    I forgot to mention that it has a stainless exhaust from the cat to the rear and new vented and drilled discs on the front and new standard discs on the rear. It had new tie bars on the rear suspension and new brake backplates all round.
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    Mercedes CLK 230 Rare 6 speed Manual for Spares

    My beloved CLK died today:fail. The front suspension collapsed, due to rust. It has AMG stepped Alloys with 2 nearly new Dunlops on the rear. Lovely Black leather seats. Too many new parts to list. Avantgarde Spec.It must be of some use to someone. Runs like a Dream. Offers invited.
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    Rip off survey...or having your trousers pullef RIGHT down!

    Rip Off KitKat 2 Euros for a KitKat in Fuertaventura Airport, in a vending machine, it stayed there!
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    W208 CLK 230 rear hub nut

    I started to strip my rear suspension to renew the tie bars and back plate when I discovered that I didn't have a socket to remove the nut holding the drive shaft to the rear hub.:fail I have a 32mm socket, too small. my 34mm was too big. It looks like a splined nut. Where can I buy the correct...
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    Taking up cycling again after a 40 year gap !

    I bought a cheap Halfords Apollo mountain bike a couple of years ago. It was my first bike since 1977. I used to be a keen cyclist, but discovered bikes with engines at the age of 16! I found it easier kicking a lever instead of using pedals, then pressing a start button, even easier! I found...
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