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    Retrofit towbar to W164 ML63 AMG

    Bobby Dazzler, thanks for posting this :thumb: As per your opening thread, I found this via a Google search and it's rather timely given that I need to get it done ASAP. Can I assume that it's simply a case of getting Westfalia to send out all the parts directly and miss out MB completely...
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    Shipping cars..... far
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    BBC looking for rust...

    To be fair, MB do seem to be picking up the tabs regarding the issue on ML's. I put a warning out some time back and haven't yet seen a post about MB refusing to replace..... 2007 ML63 Owners-check your doors - Forums
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    Shipping cars.....

    Even with import tax (applicable to one of them) it's still worth the effort financially although I don't have any plans to sell. Quite a few are importing high end cars into Oz and NZ due to the weak pound. Yes, it's the DBS Volante - YouTube
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    Shipping cars.....

    Here you go.... And the ML is now here Location of E R MALMO :cool:
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    Shipping cars.....

    John, YHM ;)
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    Shipping cars.....

    Indeed I have John......Buying a 'one-way' ticket just makes me feel warm all over.... oh, and I won't be needing the winter tyres for at least....err, possibly forever :D
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    Shipping cars.....

    And there was me just worrying about the odd knock and scratch :doh:
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    Shipping cars.....

    They get shipped in a 40ft Container on the 18th of November Think I'll over inflate the tyres to add buoyancy
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    Shipping cars.....

    Unless it's far too painful to publish :) New Zealand. I leave four weeks tomorrow. The ML should arrive two days before me, on the 21st of November.
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    Shipping cars.....

    ....especially to the other side of the, shall we say, a little stressful Went in, in perfect condition. Fingers crossed it comes out that way! Presently in the Gulf of Aden, doing 20mph :) One down, three to go.
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    Forget expensive detailing, quickest way to clean a CLS - This is how you wash the interior of Mercedes CLS
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    It's not just 'older cars' in the time-frame suggested here. You can imagine my dismay at seeing this on all four doors on my MY07 ML63 However, all fixed, by way of complete replacement at a cost of £6k + VAT, under warranty and all, once again, is well in the world :)
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    diamond cut ML63 AMG alloys

    I point faffing around spiderguy, even getting them replaced will result in a repeat performance a couple of years down the road. I'm sure that you'll remember my experience and what became of my original 20"...
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    Motorcycle Lock

    You need the motorcycle equivalent of this YouTube - Conceptual Gadgets - Conrad Pole-Climbing Bike Lock
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