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    I'm afraid I have no idea what the "Bypass method" is, so I presume my answer must be ; No. ? It works just fine, so long as I ensure each time that the column lock is unpressured before I insert my key.
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    Fwiw I also had this problem on my 250k miles Vito639. My steering lock actuator A0375456132 has stopped being powerful enough to unlock the steering column IF THERE IS ANY RESISTANCE AGAINST THE LOCKPEG. -It works fine still, if the steering column is unpressured, so it is now second nature...
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    radio upgrade

    I've got the Mercedes OEM upgraded version for the 639 available. It has Bluetooth, but has no USB. Message me if that's of any use to you.
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    Vito popping out of first gear

    Yes I have. It will not rectify an issue, and once set up correctly they don't seem to need further attention. When I got my 639 initally, the cable adjustment had been messed about with and consequently finding reverse was "challenging".
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    Vito popping out of first gear

    I had this problem a while back.: Pretty straightforward, easier than repairing one that has been removed. Hth
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    2008 Vito electric window not sliding up and down

    This is a very common problem with the earlier 639 Vitos. The end of the cable that you see loose sits into a plastic runner, that slides up & down powered by those cables. The repair kits (cables, blocks, winders etc,,,) are all available very cheaply. As Marku points out, ready assembled kits...
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    Poor radio reception

    Fwiw I've found exactly the same with my Vito @m80 . When my dashcam (on the mirror mount) is on & there is poor signal all I can get is white noise. Annoyingly it seems that any local commercial stations are largely unaffected, but Radio4 & Radio2 are. I'm currently considering changing my OEM...
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    Annoying driver habits

    Cyclists who ride two or three abreast on single lane wide country lanes, and then ignore the "passing place lay-byes" that all the motor vehicles use to pass each other.
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    Mercedes w639 Vito or Viano upto 12k low miles

    That is a popular misconception I'm afraid clk320x. The main problems are not the visible corrosion bubbling on the bodywork (although it is unsightly & can cause the doors etc to break up eventually) The main issues are the hidden structural components rotting away out of sight.:( :) It...
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    Spacing on Number Plates

    The best approach isn't necessarily (or even usually) the easiest imho. Eg: The British Motoring Industry took the easy approach to development in the 50's, unlike the Germans & Japanese. Fwiw setting up "special departments of highly paid/qualified staff" to assess a problem that does not...
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    Spacing on Number Plates

    Yes, it's called common sense. Although not so common these days, it seems.! A sensible person ( & one would hope that all custodians of the law met with that criteria, at the very least ) should be able to make autonomous decisions on such an obvious subject. It's not like they are minimum...
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    Spacing on Number Plates

    ^^^^ These ^^^ What possible harm was his "mis-spacing" causing.?? -None whatsoever. If he had a number plate that was misrepresenting his registration mark (as sometimes happens) then my view would be very different. But it's not, and it is entirely memorable which is only advantageous to the...
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    Mercedes w639 Vito or Viano upto 12k low miles

    May be worth you reconsidering the age range of your "wish specification" ? : The early 639 Vitos and Vianos suffered from the same appalling corrosion that had undermined the reputation of their predecessors. They facelifted the ranges & revised the manufacturing process to improve corrosion...
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    Calling STmarks

    Fwiw I brought a new 1st gear for mine, thinking that it would be the cause of the issue. (even though mine looked pretty much perfect ). Part number was MA203 260 28 08 & it cost about £ 50 However when I rebuilt the box with that new gear & bearings etc..., it still had exactly the same issue...
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    new member

    Lovely looking Vito that mate, & those 638's drive really nicely IMHO. I really loved mine, even preferred it to my current newer model Vito in many ways. A word of warning, that I hope is unnecessary.: Mine was pretty tidy topside, & all factory undersealed underneath, so I wasn't too bothered...
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