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    W210 E300 Windows Playing Up...

    How can I diagnose which module is playing up? It happened again this morning, even after the battery being disconnected for >30 mins yesterday, I reprogrammed the windows, by winding up, then holding switch for 5 seconds after window fully raised, then the same with the window down...
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    W210 E300 Windows Playing Up...

    Ok cheers, i'll try re-programming the windows. Does anyone know where the control box is located incase it happens again after reprogramming? Cheers :)
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    W210 E300 Windows Playing Up...

    Guys, Just picked myself up a little workhorse, its a '99 E300 TD, though it's got a small problem (I knew this when I bought it). Basically every now and again, the windows get stuck when I open them, when i disconnect the battery and leave it for 10+ mins, everything works again, and it...
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    2004 W211 E270 Service Indicator Reset

    Guys, Anyone know how to reset the service indicator message on a 2004 E270? My father just bought one (for his work) and he has just serviced it himelf (he's had E-Classes for as long as I can remember), but does not know how to reset the service message, anyone know how to do this? I...
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    W208 Bits - Speakers - Wheels - Eibachs etc

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    190 evo1

    use google language translator or similar and copy the german into it, and it will translate into english for you
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    Sony PSP & Games & Extras

    S O L D
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    1998 CLK230 Kompressor For Sale

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    outstanding vw golf mk2 gti

    That car is worth the money all day long, genuine collectors cars nowdays, I wish I had not sold mine last year (3rd one I have owned), was a mint 8v 3 door, though I did get £5900 for it, but probably one of the best cars I have ever owned.
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    Nice E55 AMG

    "Was subject to an insurance fraud 3 years ago and has been in lock-up since. The car was not damaged or stolen." If thats the case, then how come the car has got an mot expiry of april 2006?? sounds a bit dodgy imo
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    Looking for Replica Brabus Monoblocks IV??

    Try here: 8.5"'MB-4'&id_wheels_manufacturers='Replicas'&id_wheels_sizes='18x8.5'&price='110'&permission=449153829 9.5"...
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    Looking for Replica Brabus Monoblocks IV??

    Tilly, Give them a call, I got my replicas in 8" and 9" as i didnt want 8.5" and 9.5" (Have that width on my Genuine Brabus wheels), and to be honest i prefer the ride on the slightly narrower wheels, the car doesnt tramline as much and almost feels a little more secure on the road.
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