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    Sounds like a new battery to me but I'd take it down to the local fast fit shop for a free test first.
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    MOT with Main Dealer.

    I've used Formula 1 in Derby for all the family cars, inc my AMG, for 25 years. The MoT guy is behind a Chinese wall from the sales guy. Always been totally straight with no unneeded upsales. The MoT is the best value safety inspection you can get. Like a MB service B for £25 without oil change.
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    Can I de-restrict my M113 engine?

    My limiter was deleted during a remap on my 113k. Ran to 170mph (GPS) in Germany and still accelerating before finding traffic. Phil took it to 183 in 4th on the dyno. When I asked why he didn't go to 5th he said my tyres were only rated to 186.
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    Our little project.

    425bhp in a 'kin go-kart! Well before your time a pal had a home made space frame kart with Triumph 500cc engine, front brakes from a Mini, Triumph sequential gearbox, chain drive to some sort of Austin rear end and dual rear wheels each side. We took it out for a shakedown at some disused...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Dyslexia Lures KO
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    New to merc’s just brought a 2014 E63 estate

    My neighbour, who is a car nut, says he enjoys the noise from my CLS55 standard toobs from a cold start.
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    Trumps Beginning of the end

    NP "Err, Hello Vladimir. " NP "Vlad it's Nancy." VP "Who?" NP "Nancy, Nancy Pelosi." VP "How did you get my number?" NP "Vladi, I'm Speaker of the US House of Representaives." VP "So, you are on our payroll." NP "No Vlad baby. After the President and Vice-President I am the most...
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    Track Days

    Insurers picked up on that lark over 25 years ago.
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    Track Days

    Donington is my favourite for car or bike. Wide, swooping, great sight lines and slingshots onto straights. Craner Curves is a bit spooky. Schwantz out of the Old Hairpin is magical. Corner speed is the key. Oulton is my number 2.
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    C63 W204 - Values

    I set up a spreadsheet and insert all my relevant factors until I find where the market is at for what I want.
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    Engine oil m133

    I'm on Mobil 1 0W/40 for my 113K CLS55. No probs and it doesn't drink it.
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    SLK Service

    Did your indy reset the service counter? How long since last service? Oil changes are cheap.
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    Good deeds

    My Doc broke the chain to give me a face to face consultation an hour after I called. Top man.
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    As long as it was legitimately issued and conforms to rules of fonts spacing etc it's ok. If you muck with this it's not. Seems to me that Plod aren't too bothered about minor infractions but don't like it when you take the piss. I got fed up with being pulled for having a mini plate on my...
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    Do you use the speedtronic limiter?

    My speed limiter governs the speed going downhill which is useful in Peak District villages.
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