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    C55 amg.

    All the C55's were late model W203's so the were all galvanised bodies and all the main problems were ironed out.
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    C55 amg.

    Trying to leave It was a UK car i brought over mate. It met all the ADR.
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    C55 amg.

    I brought my C55 with me to Australia and made a tidy profit on it and shifted it in a week. Cars are crazy money here!
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    Any F1 fans w/Sky & SlingBox?

    Hi Dan, I live over in Australia and feel your pain! There are plenty of, ahem, free live feeds on the net of the sky sports f1 channel.
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    HK Quality in a W164 ML 320

    Hi guys, just wanted to see if anyone has much experience of the HK setup in the W164? I have just picked up an 08 facelift model ML with the HK fitted. I was quite looking forward to it. I know a lot of people slate the "high end" music systems sold in BMW's, Audis and MB but I have had a few...
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    W164 Luxury Pack

    Does anyone know what the above consists of for a 2007 ML? Been looking at a few and when I run there VIN numbers I find a few have this pack. Terry
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    Sold my C55 for £30000!

    Ha never thought it would get that much!! Not in UK though! Decided it was an opportunity not to miss on moving over to Australia. Put an ad on the Australian version of Autotrader, and it sold to the first person to come and see it! So will be hanging up my MB hat and sticking the BMW one...
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    After a quick bit of help from C55 owners!

    Thanks for your help Sav. Picked up a new battery and fitted it inside the container today.....god it was just not hot enough inside that thing! So just got to wait and get it inspected by customs now and pay a wedge of tax on my own car! Grrrr...... Still, I reckon it does look good in the sun!
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    C55 AMG V8 inc 12 Months MERCEDES- BENZ Warranty

    Aint got much to add other than where is its telephone prep antenna gone from the rear window??
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    After a quick bit of help from C55 owners!

    Hi Chaps, Was after a quick bit of help from somebody with a C55. Mine is sat nose in into an iso container in a bonded warehouse here in Australia with a dead battery! I am after replacing the battery so customs can remove the vehicle from the container. However I am unsure of the...
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    Hello from a car mad Aussie moving to Aberdeen

    No I could sell it the next day after I pay the GST TAX etc on it. I would be up by about the tune of $30000 AUD. However I would have to replace it with something! As Firthy said, its so sewn up. Basically you have to: 1. Own the car in your name for 12 months. 2. Prove that you have...
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    Hello from a car mad Aussie moving to Aberdeen

    Ha, if only it was that simple! I have just gone the other way. Scotland to Perth WA! I have shipped my C55 over, and thank god I did as car prices are sky high as alreay said! Trust me though, there is no way of getting a car over here from UK to cash in on it!
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    SLS Gear stick for 203?

    I dont think he would have. They are just stick on plates.
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    A tuition day at Llandow - fun with the C55

    Great right up mate and sounds a hoot. Were Tudu's front brakes not from a CLK63 rather than a C63? Not trying to pick you up, just interested as I did not think C63 calipers fit a W203 chassis. Terry
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