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    Selling an AMG

    Never, ever, drive a car to a buyer you can bet your bottom dollar it's a messer!
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    Tell me about ipad's

    Apple sell refurbished products directly
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    C58 Brabus

    Nice w202!
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    W204 C63 Carbon fibre interior

    That does not look like cf.
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    The Grand Tour - will you be watching?

    Babe station slim.
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    The Grand Tour - will you be watching?

    If you have a Xbox etc you can watch it on your Tv.
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    The Grand Tour - will you be watching?

    Good time to trial one month of Amazon prime for £0.00 -*Version*=1&*entries*=0&tag=amazon0e9db-21
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    How to price a low mileage S211 E500 Estate ?

    You have been numerous times here.
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    Selling an AMG

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    DAB 'Device Unavailable' Message

    Had the dab update done on my w204 c class at no charge whilst my car was being serviced at a main dealer and it has rectified the problem.
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    Something for the Winter nights..c63 w204
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    1999 C43 good value ?

    IF the car is tidy and rust free it is well worth the asking price.
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    W210 e55

    Nice car B congratulations pal.
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    If you work hard to too could own a MB

    And you're moaning about someone purchasing clothes from a charity shop ;0)
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    W210 e55

    Yep that's correct.
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