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    Little daily driver with super fuel efficiency

    Small cars 19 stone and 6ft 6in do not make a good combination. I have been away for 2 years with another marque buit will be back in an E500 as of Saturday.
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    Ive been offered a mint 500 SEC

    Cheers guys just the sort of feedback I wanted. As I sort of suspected as an investment my money might well be better invested elsewhere. Should that not read ANYWHERE except in a car, any car.
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    C350 CDI v E350 CDI - confessions of a loan car pilot

    Interesting about the seats having short bases, that would matter to me. At 6ft 6in It would matter to me too. Had 2 x 210 and 1 x 211 Did not like the look of the 212 when it arrived on the scene but it is starting to grow on me now that there a feww on the roads to be seen. Not driven a...
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    14 Months on.

    I still use my cassette player to listen to tapes of Round the Horne! A man with impeccable taste in radio, and a proper sense of humour. PS Any 7 year old will transfer them to your media of choice.
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    Merc 270CDI Elegance Auto 2005 Review

    When driving, listen for metallic rattle, sign of cat breaking down. I would describe this as a "TINNY RATTLE" From experience sadly.
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    14 Months on.

    14 Months of ownership but it's still not a Mercedes I don't post very much these days but I still lurk in the background once a week or so. I would like to air my views on the BMW 530i that I bought in November 2010. Where to start, well the BMW as a car has no faults with the 3 litre...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    This was on a Jag I used to see often. Now on a Fiat 500 122Y. Nice for Isobella
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    Does a diesel make sense?

    7K Per Year a diesel makes no sense at all.
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    CLS 350 petrol

    12,000 PA Split between 2 cars Why would you even consider a diesel?
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    Air compressor for workshop.

    Peolple get confused about pressure and volume, It's the volume that counts CFM CUBIC FEET / Minute. Some air tools use a lot and some use small amounts, it's all down to your requirements for what you are running. If you go down the Hydrovane route regular oil and filter changes are all it will...
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    W163 ML270 CDI - How to get better fuel economy..

    Well guys if it does not have different modes and I would have expected STANDARD and WINTER or STANDARD and COMFORT 4x4 or not. For the un - informed Winter and Comfort start off in second gear. Then the OP cant be kicking it down from stand still because it would already be in first gear. It...
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    W163 ML270 CDI - How to get better fuel economy..

    I have to use the kickdown to make a quick start to get across a junction, Are you driving in W or C mode? If so drive in S mode that will automaticly use first gear and get you away. 25 MPG for a 2 Tonne brick with a "Small Engine" is most likely about as good as it gets.
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    Why leather

    The only time I notice the difference is when you try to sell a car with Fabric or Half Leather, lots of head scratching and "Now if it had leather" It's all rubbish, take a fully speced car =£XXX No Leather =£XX Till it goes on the dealers forecourt then It BECOMES "FULLY LOADED" and in the...
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    My experience update -

    Small claims court.
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    Scary fuel prices

    My BMW 530i Petrol is averageing 27 mpg, but I do not do many long trips nothing over 15 miles on a regular basis. I try to avoid sitting in traffic with a cold engine as this just drinks fuel. I still can't find the E280 / 320 CDi that I want so I will stick with this until I do find one. I...
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