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    New member cl 500

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    replacing 1 tyre only

    Over here in France You MUST have matching - not similar, not almost the same - on the same axle. With all 4 wheel drive vehicles (especially ones with electronic aid) it is advisable to have matching tyres all round. After all you buy a 4x4 to get extra grip and traction don't you? So why...
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    MPG !!

    I was just telling 'er indoors about my very pleasant run out this morning in the beautiful sunshine of central France - about 200 kms of cruising around at roughly the speed limits and the fuel consumption was 4.7 ltrs/100 kms or 60 mpg. Not bad for a 2.7 remapped diesel eh ?
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    Drilled holes on break discs filling up and causing brake fade

    Yes you're right it could, but bare in mind anything loose in the ventilation areas will be thrown out the first time the wheels turn quickly.
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    Electrifying classic cars

    Hi Zipdip, I reckon it'll be the absolute opposite. If you're going to commission a change to an EV powertrain, be ready to spend $100,000 !! So I can't see anyone with a Nissan Micra contemplating this for more than a nano second.
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    W211, 2003 -Android Radio install gone wrong.

    Hi AltonAnt, don't know really. Just been out fiddling with it to see if it is a settings problem but seems not. It seems I'm going to need to strip it out and have a look :eek::eek::eek::oops:
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    W211, 2003 -Android Radio install gone wrong.

    I've got a similar unit in my CLK installed by the previous owner. For some reason I get no sort of radio reception at all - it sounds like the aerial is not plugged in. Before I start ripping things out does anyone know of anything I can do to get radio reception, for example is there a setting...
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    Electrifying classic cars

    Not talking about that Wheeler dealers abortion but there are companies in various parts of the world that do very high quality transformations that don't change ANYTHING on the original car except the drive-train and it's ancills, crate up all of that to keep it safe, then make the new drive...
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    Whaley Bridge Dam

    Thanks for posting that Grober, it was a fascinating video. The speed of deployment and power of the pumping was super impressive.
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    Electrifying classic cars

    An old boss of mine when I was very young had one of these, a CSL version alu. panelled one in gold. Absolutely beautiful car it was.
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    Main Dealer Experience - Am I being reasonable?

    Hi the Cclass, I must admit that I'm confused. In my opinion you have been messed about not just once but over an extended period of time - and yet you don't appear to be able to decide for yourself that you are not happy with the crappy "service" you are getting from this MB garage ?? YOU are...
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    W124 Turbodiesel - 181.2 mph over a standing start mile

    What an astonishing stealth vehicle, so many traffic light GP's to be savoured !!!!
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    What’s happened to my wheels?

    This wheel refurb company, are you sure they know what they are doing? I would have thought that for several reasons you would want to take the valves out before acid-dipping the wheels, but they didn't - curious, no ?
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    Electric cars - where is the current position ?

    Just to put the energy production part of this to bed : And in 2019 for the first time EVER the total energy production for the UK for a 24 hr period was 100% renewable sourced. Coal produced energy is almost completely finished. The world IS changing already. You're not really saying that...
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    Electric cars - where is the current position ?

    To be honest I can't be ****d - you don't want to learn and I have a life. So yes, you are all correct, EV's are just a stupid idea dreamed up by an imbecile.
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