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    2011 E350 CDI Sport cabriolet for sale

    Price now cut to £8,950. Not a bad discount...
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    2011 E350 CDI Sport cabriolet for sale

    Iridium silver with black roof and black leather interior. 60,000 miles, comand, airscarf and aircap. Lip spoiler on boot. Great condition photos available £9,950
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    E Class W207 A207 AIRCAP not retracting

    I had the same issue. I cut the offending pin off with an angle grinder. Works perfectly now.
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    Does the e class cabriolet mist up?

    Mine did initially. I placed a tray of (unused) cat litter in it overnight. Not had a problem since. True story...
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    Car stolen from Weybridge, Surrey

    No, his car didn't have keyless entry, but I think with the right equipment, it's possible to echo the signal from a standard remote? I've just activated the tracker built into my wife's Evoque (which does have keyless)...
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    Car stolen from Weybridge, Surrey

    Not a Mercedes, however a friend of mine had his dark blue BMW X5 stolen from outside his house last night in Weybridge, Surrey. Distinctive registration - 711 CCJ No keys taken, no obvious signs of forced entry.
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    Can you fit...

    Yes you can. If anyone cares :)
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    Can you fit...

    I see what you did there :-)
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    Can you fit...

    ...a set of golf clubs in the boot of a C class Cabriolet? Asking for a friend... ;-)
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    For sale: 2011 E350 CDI cabriolet

    Iridium silver/ black roof Aircap/air scarf Comand Black leather 55,000 miles Switching to an E400, hence the sale. £12,500
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    E Class W207 coupe parking sensors intermittent fault

    Does it happen most in wet conditions? Mine does the same (as did my previous coupe). Soon clears as car dries...
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    E350 Cab Aircap Will not Retract

    I had the same problem but it was not software related. I finally got fed up with it and cut off the broken pin in the AirCap system. Now works perfectly!
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    Replacing AirCap system E350 cabriolet

    Afternoon, My AirCap wind deflector across the top of the windscreen doesn't work properly. One of the retaining pins (used to hold the deflector down securely) has broken. The symptoms initially was a failure to retract, but now it gets caught on one side when raised. I have come to the...
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    E350 AirCap issues

    Have you checked the locking pins are retracting when it goes up? If they don't retract they cause it to 'bounce' back up again when you try to close it.
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