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    Any deals on e class

    Well it's been a while. Sold my c class in 2009 and bought an x5.great car and miss it a bit. Sold that last year for a new rs4. Loved it but the Audi thing ain't for me and I live at petrol stations. Covered 14 k in this in the last 10 month and it's been good fun. Looking to free the cash...
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    Thule Roof Bars off 2009 C Class estate

    As above - off the above car which had roof bars with air gap Consists of 757 foot pack and 869 aero bars Comes with keys and rubber infill on bars complete. You can check if these are compatible for your car on Thule website under fitting kits Few small scratches through general use. Can...
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    C63 rear leg room saloon/estate

    I ended up getting rid of my c class as both kids are in baby/booster seats and the amount of space was limited. im 6f2 and like to have my seat far back and this was an issue. Once they are older I may re consider...for a c63
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    Wheels and tyres storage

    what size alloys do these take? just worried handle will be to close to centre spindle.
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    c class media interface cables

    Hi, Hvaing just traded in my car - i have a set of media interface cables from my 2009 c class sport. Open to offers
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    New car

    Well after looking for not very long- I ended up going for an x5. Could not get my head round the new shape ml so the x5 won. Ordered in no November and got it delivered. Xmas eve so it was a nice Xmas present . Options I went for was privacy glass,media pack, heated seats and upgrade alloys...
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    E class loan car!!!

    is it a merc dealership? I have traded in my car and they have said it will go to auction - 2009 c class sport with extras, 50 k on the clock, usually anything with age or milage wont be seen to much in a dealership unless its a customers.
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    17" winter wheels for s204/w204

    bump - will accept £275......
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    17" winter wheels for s204/w204

    Update front 2 tyres are approx 5.5mm, remaining rear tyre is approx 4mm. heres some pics
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    17" winter wheels for s204/w204

    Gents, Due to selling my car i have 4 x alloys the same as attached to my car in the picture below. I have had them powder coated in steel48 colour(dark grey). They have been used for the last 2 winters so there are marks and ever so slight bubbling. The center caps are also slightly tarnished...
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    test driving new cars today

    well deal has been done yesterday afternoon. Brand new X5 will arrive late dec/early jan. Ended up with the M sport and alse had another 6k worth of extras as i plan to keep this one for 4 years. Traded in my car, but price wasnt too good - to be expected. If anyone fancies a 2009 C220CDI...
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    test driving new cars today

    yeh i think they were doing their selling bit putting me in the most expensive car first - only 13k difference...... it was the e250 cdi sport estate - i loved it and would buy one if this x5 hadnt got in the way. looked at the infinity online just now - but dont think im sure on it plus...
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    test driving new cars today

    in all due - if it was between the 5 series and the e class - the merc would be for me. I actually prefer the old ml sport more than the new one at the moment.
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    test driving new cars today

    well the other half wanted a 4x4 - im totally against them. ive had a e class sport estate for the day a few weeks back- so today it was BMW turn. Started off with x5 msport - loved it. Then a 525d msport and was somewhat disapointed. driving seemed rather distant. I have looked at the new...
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