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    Look no taxes !! Will electric cars really be tax free?

    Like all these things, they need sales to support new development and product advancement . I cite mobile phones and computers as just a couple of examples. The pioneering customers are the ones that help this happen often knowing full well something better and cheaper will outdate their...
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    Look no taxes !! Will electric cars really be tax free?

    Well, Innovate UK are sharing out £30m for their Farraday challenge for new battery technology. I suppose finding a way to recycle Lithium Iron would be a start and then going through the 'Patents Purchased' files of all the big oil producers the second!
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    Any members with motorbikes ?

    Hi alymac , had a few bikes over the years, currently an old CRM250 and previous to that a DR650s. Sold it as it didn't have 'electric foot' and was starting to bugger me knee up. Thinking about your predicament let's face it everything is fast these days. I had a TL1000s in 1996 for 10 years...
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    RIP Adam West

    He was an absolute beauty, still love seeing the repeats as well as the voice overs he did for family guy playing Mayor West. To me that showed what a great sense of humour he had.
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for trying to link metallurgy and psychology.
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    Peter Sallis RIP

    As above, 96 is a very good bat and as the Germans would say " you can't blame the midwife for that", so more of a celebration of the happiness he gave to everyone.
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    Volkswagen have made an Audi A5

    I know where your coming from but I think it looks better and not as if someone drove over the back of it!
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    Custom parts.

    Hello moderators,I am unable to post a new thread in anything other than General or off topic. This is rather frustrating as I am trying to offer the forum bespoke small batches of exhaust parts( if there is any interest of course). As some might know we do not often do automotive systems as our...
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    Strangely fascinating

    I can see why it was left there for twelve years!
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    Anyone for Tennis

    I think Newton's cradle was probably inspired by such movements. Most invigorating!
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    The Vito 120 V6, The Vito 190 improvement(?) & the Future for the Vito.

    A friend of mine just picked up his4 motion T6. The road noise is so bad he just spent £200 on Dynamat . After £40k you'd think that's enough!
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    The first thing that comes to mind.

    Chuckle brothers.
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    Where can I find more info on my car

    I think Teflonso is trying to say that strictly speaking one is anodising the aluminium coating and not the stainless. If the stainless was a 316 grade for example it would have survived fairly well intact and corrosion free un-messed with.
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    New car for SWMBO?

    Suzuki Swift?
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    Motaquip LVXL 1073 Brake pads

    Fitting kit. Just to round off the day there are two fitting kits for Brembo calipers, 107220438 are for sports package and AMG cars while the 10722 0248 for sports suspension. The latter of course are the ones I should have bought. You can distinguish the difference on the caliper as it has a...
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