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    Auto gearbox problem GLE 250D 4Matic Sport SUV

    sometimes these mercs have "an off day".. Lets hope that's all it was and normal service has resumed..
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    'Whooshing' sound when accelerating (OM651 engine, E220CDI 2012)

    Great news, had the exact same pipe fail on mine. I noticed a big loss in power to. Good result
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    New Speed Cameras

    Thanks guys, I'll keep an eye out for these then if they are not average cameras. Yes I know the ones on the A52 very well..... now, :oops:. I am not from the area and hadnt been around that way for a few years but; I recently had a scare since I came out from the slip road just after the First...
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    A Class farting noise

    You sure you didn't have a curry the night before you took that video? I think you need to work on a process of elimination.. Under what conditions does it make the noise? engine on/off, while steering? going straight on? moving on the seat. is anybody else in the car? Is it the air con or...
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    New Speed Cameras

    I have seen those cameras popping up, I am 99% sure they are average speed cameras so there is probably another set somewhere. They never seem to be in places that need them though, only on stretches of road that generate cash.. The obsession with speed cameras these councils have drives me...
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    Thinking of a 207 Convertible

    I own a C250d estate but I can vouch for the power, its nice.. For a diesel it has a very nice way of getting you down the road at a pace and no problem for the odd overtake...I often find myself going faster than the usual pace of traffic without trying and have to back off a bit.. I would...
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    2010 s212 e350 intermittent high revs before upshifting

    Hi there, when did the gearbox have its last oil change? maybe its due a service?
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    Dpf how does that work then ??

    Does the stop start de-activate on any merc when active regen is occurring? I have never noticed it?
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    Water pump failure

    My car is very similar, been that way for nearly 3 years, its a normal characteristic of these as they have a mapped thermostat and an on demand water pump. I can drive 100 miles on the motor way and the temps stays around 88 - 90, get off and onto a 40mph B road and the temp drops to around 80...
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    W204 - strange engine noise

    Yes a very nice car, I would certainly be spending a bit on it to keep it nice. I don't think 261K is that high for these either. My local independent specialist services one with 400K miles on it, still going strong..
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    W204 - strange engine noise

    That sounds quite nice that engine.. I didnt hear a rattle, but I can here the aux belt chirping away, could need a new alternator / water pump belt maybe? Or maybe one of the idler pulleys. I changed the idler pulleys on mine at 100K as they started to hum a bit. They were not what I would call...
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    W204 - strange engine noise

    The chains can "stretch" a little on these and if you hear the cold start rattle its time to sort it. Not a huge job. It could well be the chain making the tick tick noise, if left it can damaged the plastic chain guides and thats an engine out job. As it is a new chain and tensioner can be...
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    City drivers 'should think twice' before buying SUVs

    I think they should change the name of SUV's. To date I have never seen one that is "S" Sporty and U "Utility" but they are Vehicles... You can get sporty versions and Utilitarian versions but not both. They make no sense? I toyed with the idea but instead decide, rightly so, that estate cars...
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    OM651 - Coolant Temperature Sensor Problems

    MikeGrieve, Dont go to MB loughborough, go to MB automotive, just round the corner past B&Q. They will be half the price and will not charge for simply taking a look,. They are all ex MB mechanics and very very knowlegable... Been a few times and always come away feeling like they have done a...
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    ECO Stop/start not workin

    How did you test your main battery? When mine stopped the battery was "ok" but a little low on voltage. The car started fine and everything worked. But then one day the brake hold functions stopped. I bit the bullet and replaced the main battery. And voila it all started working again.. And...
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