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    Mark Cosovich of W123 World

    Ah yes, 'Toosh'; Mange Tout.
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    Gifting shares to grandchildren

    Man: 'Evening, squire! Squire: (stiffly) Good evening Man: Is, uh,...Is your wife a goer, eh? Know whatahmean, know whatahmean, nudge nudge, know whatahmean, say no more? Squire: I, uh, I beg your pardon? Man: Your, uh, your wife, does she go, eh, does she go, eh? Squire: (flustered) Well, she...
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    Gummi Pflege on rubber trims/seals

    Don't forget that gummi pflege is simply German for rubber care. There's certainly nothing cheap/nasty about (genuine) Wurth products, a well-established German company and used by many in differing trades in the UK. I've used and still use both gummi pflege and also the small 'bottle' of...
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    Looking to buy a C or E Class estate.

    If you aren't up to speed with hybrids, you might want to look at hybrid-specific potential issues such as replacement hybrid battery cost, warranty on the battery etc., then you can make an informed decision. There will be those who have strong views in favour and those strongly against, so I...
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    Closing in on the valve stem seals vs piston rings question.

    Edited as reply in wrong thread - unable to delete post.
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    Missing Service History 67plate X2 MOTs

    My gut feeling is that it probably has been serviced at some time but that there aren't any records available. Who was the first owner? - some (although probably far fewer than used to be the case) fleets/companies still maintain their own cars but as to what records are kept, who knows. An...
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    C43 facelift: Unusual front disk wear pattern

    OP = original poster, ie you.
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    E400d delay

    A friend ordered a new MB (not E400D though) in Feb '21, still no date for delivery; not as long but a massive change from 24-months ago.
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    Car owners' liability for the condition of their tyres

    Without reading the trial transcript, I wouldn't jump to any legal conclusions based on the journalist's report. There are offences of use, cause or permit and an owner, as passenger, might be deemed to be using the vehicle in the same way that the driver was. In certain circumstances, the...
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    E200 W212 Brake Yellow warning lamp.

    Brake pad wear? Doesn't the handbook state what it's for?
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    Anyone been in this situation?......

    It's becoming quite depressing reading these posts (and not just MB dealers) where the stock response is 'nothing showing on diagnostic' or 'not part of diagnostics'. The simple basics of fault-finding seem to be going out of the window, with some people/companies becoming totally reliant on...
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    Fuel filter

    The price depends on which filter the car has, the newer ones have heating 'element' and are more expensive; IIRC, there are three or four types for the OM642, assuming that's which engine it is. If the OP's saying that the car has done 58,000 miles but is due it's second filter change, then a...
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    Warranty valid abroad??

    Are we at the risk of jumping to conclusions as to the cause of the brake judder and squeal and how bad it is? It's difficult to offer advice when it's not really known whether the pads etc are actually worn (did I miss reference to pad-wear light?), it might just be something like a piece of...
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    Brake and pads

    Any particular reason why, other than appearance? Anything's doable but it probably won't be cheap and who knows what effect it will have on the car's braking performance/stability. Do you regularly use the car on a track?
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    Passenger Airbag C207

    I'm not aware of any way of turning it off manually, it is 'automated' (well, on mine but it's newer model) The comment about the rear headrest 'clamping down' is a bit confusing as that isn't a recognised way of securing a child seat, usually just the isofix and rear tether strap (you can, of...
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