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    Fitting New Wheels and Tyres - How Crucial Is The Load Rating?

    Many years ago we had a first-generation (W168) A-Class diesel. Bought new, fitted with Michelin green/eco tyres (can't recall exact type), tyres never rotated, primarily used by wife on dual carriageways etc. and when I replaced the rear tyres they had covered over 70,000 miles. Even then...
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    Sbc braking system or not?

    The following is cut & paste from an earlier 2012 thread on here: The text from WIS (Document SN00.00-P-1047J — Overview of innovations/changes 06/2006) reads: Model 211/219 As of code 807 Model year 2007 Introduction of Adaptive Brake (ABR) As of the model year, the previous SBC brake...
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    Steering fluid for w219 350cdi cls 2010

    If the spec is not in the handbook, CFH11S is a good starting point; Fuchs Pentosin is one of the few approved IIRC. Possibly 263.3 spec? **** HOWEVER, I can't say whether it's the correct fluid for your car, just that many later MBs use it ***
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    Space saver wheel

    When you say 'apart from the obvious size etc..', not sure what's 'obvious' and what isn't. You need to check the PCD, wheelbolt diameter, rolling circumference (general view is that +/- 9mm from original tyre is okay). The ET on spacesaver will probably be different to ET of original...
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    SLC 500

    Yes, lovely cars. The late LJKS described the 450 SLC as 'the best Mercedes', even better than the 6.9, and wrote an excellent article on the 450SLC 5.0. I had the basic 450SLC back in the day (for 10 years) and would have another now if the right one came along. They fell out of favour...
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    W212 E63 ATF change interval with 7g+ transmission?

    I would change it. I had a similar situation - many MBs used to be scheduled 'once at 3-years', that then changed to 'every 5-years' (or relevant mileage etc). My car was serviced by the dealer and according to handbook mine fell into the 5-year ATF schedule. The car was covered by a service...
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    Injector cleaner

    The BMW appears to have covered 100,000 miles. Another vote for two or three tanks of premium fuel rather than a separate additive. If yours is diesel, some (most?) of the premium diesels have higher cetane rating than the standard fuel.
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    MB servicing and supplying your own oil

    I've done it a few times but not recently; having over 100 litres in the garage of various viscosities/specs. I'm not too keen on paying top whack for even more. The dealer didn't make any comment, just revised the service price, although it obviously wouldn't work if the car's on a service plan.
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    E350 cabriolet purchase high mileage?

    Petrol or diesel?
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    Carl Burgess ( on "Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars" tonight

    Not heard of a Fiat 130 coupé ;)? Superb cars in their day. Saloon was quite impressive as well. Whilst Fiat's bodywork wasn't necessarily the best, they did have some good cars at times, the Dino coupé was another good one. A few not-so-good cars as well, though :D.
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    Tyre Wall Failure / Dunlop 275-30-21 / Opinion ?

    Difficult to remember that 75 profile were seen as low profile tyres years ago. I really don't understand the UK's obsession with the very low profiles that manufacturers push when we have such terrible road surfaces. Those tyres (OP's) are awful but whether caused by poor manufacturing or...
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    Retaining a Reg No

    DVLA doesn't stipulate that it must be Mot'd, just the 'type', however, they are quite specific about tax/SORN. That doesnt necessarily mean that it doesn't have to be MOT'd, or age-exempt, of course, just that it doesn't say so. The easiest thing is to try it online, OP would know within 2...
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    Mercedes Benz rust & corrosion warranty

    You'll be extremely lucky. I can't recall for definite but I think it also had to be recorded that the annual bodywork inspection had been done (it certaimly is for some other marques). Yes, some have had repairs but on the balance if probabilities you'd be best to assume that there would be...
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    R129 Wings

    They're probably closed at the moment but Mercedes Poole are (or certainly used to be) a classic parts dealer. May not be the cheapest option tnough :)
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