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    W211 E280 CDI 2008 Remap

    No, it is not possible - IMMO It is not so big deal to open the ecu and read/write with bdm.
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    Symptoms & Fault Codes following Remap - E250 CDI (W212)

    . The key words are "disable torque protection".
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    CLK320CDI (C209-OM642) Injector upgrade

    . With hybrid turbo, 4bar map, downpipe without cat + dpf, stiffer valve springs , bigger cooler, transmission upgrade and Quqife. Gives possibility to get over 400hp/1000nm. OM642 is not so good engine, inline 6cyl is better.
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    OM642 gt2056v hybrid gt2365v

    . The turbo might be ok. It is the bad downpipe, that causes this situation, air (exhaust) do not flow properly. That's why boost pressure do not rice - one reason. The other is, that vanes are too open, after you have done your "things", the remapper have to do his.
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    OM642 gt2056v hybrid gt2365v

    . If egr is clogged, remove the blockage, the ecu needs exhaust pressure information to make the turbo work properly. Secondly, there is about 50mm throttle in the beginning of downpipe, chance the whole thing to 3" one. Thirdly, you need a good cooler, that is something very different, what is...
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    Has anyone remapped the new 220d engine?

    Not sure if any tool can do it, yet
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    any one had the 220d 170bhp 400nm engine remapped?

    . Only different 250/220 cdi is that 250 have bigger injectors. Quite easily 220cdi => ~500nm/230hp Personally, I have a coupe 335d too, in fact two. The other one is true M-sport, the other is racer. M550d has three or now four turbo's. I have had a quite nice results for them. Sorry to say...
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    C30 AMG HP pump

    . If the 270cdi turbo is vacuum controlled, change is like plug and play. Otherwise => little work. If you are willing to get something more for the bigger turbo, you need a remapper, likely a good one. You don't need to do anything for the exhaust as far as you use orig injectors.
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    C30 AMG HP pump

    No, commonrail systems cr2/cr3 Also few other differents and needs mods to work properly.
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    2013 C220 Remap

    . I have no idea what are the standards out there.
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    2012 w204 c220 cdi

    I agree Mb does not usually give any "free horses". But that is not so important, the difference is real, that's the point.
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    2013 C220 Remap

    . It is not possible to have so much torq from a stock engine. Tryed manymany times. Have to be autom.
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    2013 C220 Remap

    . Glk 220cdi Egr and DPF removed and softw. No other mods ~280hp/580nm Glk OM651 220cdi is equal to 250cdi. There is a possibility have even more easily, but fuel system do not support +300 power as stock.
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    Supernova Tuning Mercedes ML 420 CDI 1000NM of torque

    Newer heard tuner without long term testing have now bought own ML420cdi ... ~1100nm/450hp Stock engine, without dpf. I have buid more cdi's than you all together ...:D
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    W204 C220 CDI Remap

    . OM651 => via OBD OM646 => table The first W204's are OM646, ~06-09.
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