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    Cycle ABS Pump

    Ahh I see I need to make a new brake line from the ABS Pump because of corrosion. Lots of experience making lines from owning a 25 year old Cavalier turbo (No laughing) I own an Autel maxi diag elite paid £300 for it 5 years ago but its old hat now so I would like to have a decent scanner before...
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    Cycle ABS Pump

    Hi guys, just want to confirm does 2012 C220 require Star to modulate the abs pump to remove air in the system or is a pressure bleeder all that's needed? Many Thanks
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    Lower control arms cost?

    Ouch I would be buying a socket set breaker and pry bar and getting my hands dirty. For that money you could buy a 3 bed house up north.
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    W203 C220 CDI hesitation

    When was the fuel filter last changed?
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    In Praise of Mercedes-Benz Main Dealers

    Me three interested what was worn out how many miles on the clock.
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    DPF won't regenerate Vito 639

    I thought your updated was I bought a Toyota. On a serious note 4k is a lot of money to spend in repairs, it is definitely not legal to hollow a cat out but the problem being is trying to prove it after so long.
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    W204 C220 CDI Engine Warm Up Time

    Mine W204 C220 also takes a good 30 minutes to warm up always has its done 50k
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    Fuel Air Lock

    Never had air bleeding problems on the om651 even when had the lines disconnected and injectors removed. Do you have access to live data? If so what fuel pressure are you getting when cranking over?
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    Fuel Air Lock

    Simple things first cycle the ignition 5 times before starting.
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    ECP getting worse

    As for convenience it's hard to beat if you collect goods in person, and also really helps when you have a good guy behind the counter. lost a great guy in my local one who got a job at a main dealer.
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    What fuel filter for 2014 C220 C204

    Yep the ones with the electrical plug ontop for the diesel heater are a hell of alot more expensive.
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    C class CDI

    To be fair i have a 2012 w204 c220 it feels the same doesn't really stretch her legs till 3rd gear.
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    Who Makes MB Oil

    Just wondering really does anyone know who makes Mercedes genuine engine oil?
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    Car Covers

    As said it's paramount to get a decent breathable one, otherwise you will get imperfections in your paintwork don't ask me how i know.
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    new key.

    It's time to pull my finger out and get myself a spare key.
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