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    M156 C63 Header Options?

    Just to reiterate what Lee says mine has IPE headers and the standard exhaust and you would not believe how loud it is hahaha. Cold start it barks so loud that you will make people jump and drop a nugget. Tbh I've got used to it now but a lot of people will say it's too loud. It does sound...
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    MSL's Very own C63 on the Dyno

    Need to get mine remapped has the ipe headers and cats was wondering what sort of power you would get!
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    M156 down on power

    Service, check the plugs and replace if they are not looking their best. Wack a bottle of Red x through. A diagnostic might show something amiss be interesting to see if it does.
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    C63 AMG with full iPE System

    I have the headers with sports cats to then the standard exhaust and it is proper LOUD lol. I've lost count of the amount of times people have jumped when I fire it up lol
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    Who Built your AMG Engine?

    Whatever this says
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    Hello and Introduction

    Personally buy on condition I had my heart set on a white coupe with ppp. Ended up with a Palladium Silver Saloon with an IPE manifold. Having drove the ppp coupe vs my saloon with the manifold mine felt faster plus the added noise is well addictive! I also preferred the much more supportive...
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    Conti sport 5 or 5p

    They have the conti 6 now as well which is better again
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    What tyres do you all use?

    Conti Sport 6 on the rear and 5ps up front. Will change the fronts for 6s once worn down. They have taken things to the next level with the 6s over the 5p.
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    C63 coupe tyres

    I'm running the new Conti SP6 fantastic tyre will be replacing the 5Ps on the front with the 6 when they wear down!
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    It can munch through the rears in as little as 4000 miles or less but expect them to last around 6-8000 it depends on right foot, tyres etc....
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    w204 c63 Pre-facelift v facelift

    If you can stretch to say face-lift go for it as you spend a long time behind the wheel looking and using that interior. I waited a bit longer to get one
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    There has been known issues with noisy tappets, head bolts failing on earlier C63's but if you are getting it from a dealer under warranty then if you do get any of these issues get them replaced. Like most performance cars they are very heavy on rear tyres and the usual consumables such as...
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    Last Land Rover Discovery rolls off production line

    My friend ordered one of the last ones built to essentially keep as an investment he has already had a few LR nuts try to offer him more money then he paid but he has always wanted one since a kid so sunk good money into one of the run out special editions. To echo comments above they are...
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    C63 Owners with IPE or similar headers and MOT time.....

    Yeh to be fair I dropped the car off at MB at 10am and they didn't do the test until 1400 and just left the car to idle to warm up plus the occasional long rev to show it off to whoever came in the workshop. To be fair serves me right for being cheap and taking advantage of a free MOT at...
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    C63 Owners with IPE or similar headers and MOT time.....

    Has anyone else had any issues, my C63 went in for its MOT today at MB as I have the service care pack and to be fair it failed miserably on noise emitted, emissions and removal of cats (secondary) I have an IPE manifold with the sports cats present then mated to the remainder of the standard...
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