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    R230 SL...advanced Central Locking Infrared query

    I may have got some of my terminology wrong...I assumed it was IR that was at fault as I had it in my mind that it was IR that operated the central locking and was boosted by the amplifier. The amplifier by the way has gone back to MB and I've not been charged. Anybody ever heard of the...
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    R230 SL...advanced Central Locking Infrared query

    Ok so I have a 2003 SL350 which has a problem that is not uncommon, ie central locking only works if you place the key right next to the infrared sensor on the drivers door. If you step back 1 metre it wont work. So far the following has been done. 1) New infrared sensor replaced in drivers...
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    R230 SL 2005, Drivers Electric Window Partially works

    Quick question to see if anybody has had this problem I've got a 2005 SL350 and the drivers window wont go down when I press the switch. However, the window Auto Up function works correctly, ie when you open the door, the window drops a couple of mm's and jumps back up again when you close the...
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    DIY: R230 Heater Control Valve

    Just done this job and following the guide from above which was very useful Have to say it was a horrible task. All very easy until the removal of the pipe clips. Very tight access and and once the pipes were off the most difficult part was reattaching the pipes and clips onto the new...
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    2003 CLK 240 Auomatic Gearbox querie...part No's...right gearbox?

    I know Ian and Mike very well...have used them for 16 years. Great guys. Just hoped to try and figure this out myself. The more I'm searching on compatability, the more i'm realising that its not just a case of finding another 722.6 gearbox and slinging that in.
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    R129 500SL (1990) - Just won't start

    I bet its the distributor caps and rotors...these earlier 500's are a Bit*ch to start if they have been left standing and even if the caps look ok, for some reason they just seem to suffer if left. Engine will spin over, but won't catch and it seems as if fuel isn't getting to the injectors...
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    2003 CLK 240 Auomatic Gearbox querie...part No's...right gearbox?

    Hi I've got a duff gearbox in a CLK and I'm looking to get a 2nd hand one, but I'm getting confused with Part Numbers and making sure I get the right one. So my first question and it could be a dumb one.....with a manual box you obviously get different gear ratio's in a manual gearbox in order...
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    W124 E220 down on power, mpg

    I would also suspect a failing Air Flow Sensor
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    E63 S - hesitant on first run

    Being in the motor trade and jumping in and out of various motors on a daily basis, I have noticed that a lot of higher performance cars suffer from the same thing at start up, so I suspect its (as has been stated) that its the mapping to deal with high emissions during the warm up period.
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    DMF V Solid Fywheel Conversion

    Worst thing I ever did was replace a DMF with a solid flywheel.....terrible decision and never to be done again.
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    W203 C55 many sold in the UK

    Thanks for the heads up on the How Many Left site. I had a suspicion that the C55 was probably one of the rarest of the 55's
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    W203 C55 many sold in the UK

    Does anybody know how many W203 C55 AMG's were sold in the UK? Secondly could you buy a C55 in any of the colours standard to other W203's or were they limited to certain colours? Many thanks
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    W203 purchase

    Not a lot to worry about, other than rust. Engine is bomb proof. Have you done an MOT History search to see what's been advised over the years?
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    What do to? (Car purchase hassles)

    Will, I get your point re it being the car you want etc, but the fact that they have been happy to BS you right from the outset, rather than being upfront, does not bode well if the car subsequently has faults/issues.....that's when their BS levels will ratchet up big time. Yes you have a...
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    R129 SL Handbooks wanted

    Hi i'm looking for a set of handbooks for a 1998 R129 SL......anyone got a set kicking about?
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