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    W205 C250d blank COMAND Screen

    I ha I had the same. Twice. Hasn’t done it since. That was about a year ago.
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    Key Security - Keyless Entry

    A good thief will have a push button start with him though, just incase of this. Best way is to double tap the fob when leaving it overnight etc. Also, make sure you do the same with your spare before you put it away otherwise they will just boost that signal and still take your pride and joy.
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    c300h, is it a good idea?

    Mine stops for you. Only requires you to touch the throttle to reset off before continuing in auto mode. I have options (Related to this I think): 233 AUTONOMOUS INT. CRUISE CONT. PLUS (DISTRONIC PLUS) 266 DISTRONIC PLUS CROSS SUPPORT (DTR+Q) 268 EXPANDED BRAKE ASSIST (BAS+) 269 BRAKE...
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    c300h, is it a good idea?

    I think so. I have this symbol on mine and I have Active Distronic+ or whatever they called it in 2017. I also have the solid Star logo on the front grill with the Radar etc in for this to work :)
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    W205 a/c problem

    Is the car in ECO mode as well? I'm pretty sure I have seen the setting in mine that when in ECO it turns the A/C to like a hamster blowing on you! Just a thought.
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    Lane keeping assistance

    Works great with steering assist ... it does it for you
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    C W205 Desirable Optional Extras

    Double Post.
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    C W205 Desirable Optional Extras

    Plus driving assistance package for Distronic Plus & 360 cameras
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    W205 heater wing mirror logic?

    2" on the C205 - I assumed they would use the same mirrors? Or maybe the driving assistance pack also adds girth to them?
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    W205 heater wing mirror logic?

    I'm now going to cause you frustration like you have never felt before. I apologise. One of the mirrors is 2 INCHES bigger than the other. Hence the different melting rates.
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    C W205 Desirable Optional Extras

    Its great. I can’t recommend it enough. The loaners I have had have all had normal suspension and they nearly break you back in comparison. Its not quiet firm enough in the sportiest setting (but I did come from PSS10’s on my previous car) but like driving in bed almost in comfort. Really irons...
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    C W205 Desirable Optional Extras

    Driving assistance pack. Airmatic. If it was not for these two things, I would probably have gone BMW again.
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    C205 Door Handle Light

    Yeah, I too can confirm that these are covered under warranty :) They changed both on my Coupe to my surprise to with them being 'bulbs'.
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    W205 bond spot assist

    Its worth the pack for the Distronic Plus alone! Couldn't live without mine.
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    Does your wife/gf slam your cars door?

    Mine doesn’t, however, I once gave a lift to a colleague whom proceeded to shut the door on my Coupé with Hulk-like power; by using the window! Do these tools now know what a ****ing handle is for? 5 grubby paw marks left behind. A window that almost shattered at being bent in the top corner...
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