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    Regents Park (London) Bomb

    I heard it was a threat to a BA conference......
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    More Jokes

    'If women are so perfect at multitasking, how come they can't have a headache and sex at the same time?' Scientists have discovered intelligent DNA in some women. Unfortunately 95% of them spat it out!
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    New parts for a W202 C220

    I though the aerial on the W202 was built-in to the rear screen, with an amp in the C-piller......Are you sure yours is not a W201 (which has the arial on the rear wing) ? but try German and Swedish, Euromerc and Main Dealers (honest), There are lots of other places as well - these are the...
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    Regents Park (London) Bomb

    I have a friend who lives in Albany Street - NO EXPLOSION OR ANYTHING, but Inner Circle crews and Ambulances on site, disposal crews seen as well. He spoke to one of the coppers there....
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    Regents Park (London) Bomb

    Just heard some reports re above. Anyone with more info ?
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    Facebook Chat

    Yes, see original qustion.....!!
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    Only if they currently employ someone who is good with Open Source / Linux stuff......whilst the inital purchase price of a Windows SBS system might be higher, for most, it is an easier system to support and manage on a day-to-day basis, which can give you a lower cost over a 3 year period......
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    In Car Computer for the Mercedes

    I've looked into this, but decided against, as playing Doom, etc might distract me from driving.....
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    Generators and UPSes

    Yes......I've worked in Nigeria !!! - We used 2 UPS's and a Onan. UPS1 being an old knacked one, just to sort out any major spikes.....UPS2 for the battery.
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    range rover paint correction and detail

    Very nice....if you want to practice, feel free to use my car.....
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    VASSUP! Free tickets to see BRUNO

    You can only do this once per PC.........
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    New project.

    Good luck. don't grow your hair too long......
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    Advice needed for buying an ML

    I hate to say this......but don't discount the Volvo XC90....... 7 forward facing seats, and a (small) boot......4WD, decent sound system....builtin kids seat, and lots of little practical things !!! - and cheapish......ours (2004, D5, Executive) returns 31mpg in mixed (although mainly 6 mile...
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    Facebook Chat

    Wouldn't a key logger only give me one side of a "conversation" though ?
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    Facebook Chat

    Is it possible to either centrally block or log all messaages, whilst allowing users access to the main facebook site ?
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