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    MS Surface Pro

    Sold to a very nice member here.
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    MS Surface Pro

    128GB i5 Processor. With Keyboard, black. Small scratch on back of stand, otherwise 100%. Currently running Windows 8.1, but will revert to 8.0 when I reset it. Once new owner has registered it to a Microsoft Account, can be upgraded to Windows 8.1 RT (Free)..again.... I have...
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    S70 amg ?

    You Know You Want to: Mercedes S70 AMG - PistonHeads Never seen of heard of it...but looks interesting...
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    Rain sensing wipers

    Yes, when reversing, but what about for the spray/splatter ........unless you never use the rear view mirror when driving :confused:
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    Rain sensing wipers

    Why don't they do this for the rear wiper as well ?
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    Meanwhile, in Sweden

    scary.....this was on the "suggested links" She must have some serious trust...and nerves...
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    Magic sky roof for free

    So will this count as a mod, as far as insurance is concerned ? worth seeing if they will update the data card ?
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    top quality air rifle or pistol required

    Nearly....... I am a member here with Harlow, and we have "limited" fun - both on Practical Shotgun and 2-Gun competitions.
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    Mobile Phone Preferences

    Nokia 920...... soon to be ebayed (only as 1 year old), will get either Nokia 1020 or Nexus 5, or HTC one..... The Nokia is good, if you like windows 8. Great camera and maps.
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    web site designer

    many thanks....
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    web site designer

    Can anyone more webby then me see if they can, or point me in the right direction to finding the web designer who did this site ? We are looking to use a similar design and feel on a new venture....
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    Problem with Email Sending SMTP Port

    try using port 587. It's not too hard with BT business.....just put in the BT SMTP server into the outgoing smtp server bit, add your BT username and password..... you may need to get BT to whitlist your domain on their servers as well. Happy to help you migrate to Office365....???
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    Decent Steakhouse in London

    Agree. You can't beat a good Brazilian....
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    top quality air rifle or pistol required

    if it's for occasional use, get a spring one.
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    Neighbour's house for sale

    The family started out in Stevenage. They moved out to Tewin early 2001.
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