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    Fuel sender?

    Had similar kind of problem with my c220cd when i first had it. Used to run fuel down till' yellow warning light appeared or just about. Tried re-filling at three quarter mark and have had no problems ever since. Overfill has never caused problem either! Think electronics linked to sender unit...
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    Auto slow to engage drive

    Low Auto fluid? Not a regular occurence.. but... next service not due to until I reach the nexst 4.5k. Have 65k on clock already... can/will it wait do you think? Appreciate yor response :)
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    Auto slow to engage drive

    Have C220 CDI Sport Auto, recently having experience when engaging drive from N, motor remains static until I give a few revs... when it then decides to move.. rather jerk..ingly also. Guess it's due to the electronics adapting to style of driving ! Anyone out there experience similar and is...
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    Ripped Off

    I Agree! Have the C22CDI (99) Sport. Some Vectra with NO ABS hit the rear of mine yesterday! I will pay cash... he said... young child driving dady's car. Damaged rear bumper ONLY thank goodness. (Small crease only). Merc stealer recommended body shop repair shop quoted only 500 big ones for...
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    Starting problem

    Yes, failing glow plugs may be cause of your problem. Even when one fails you will really know difference when cold. Recommend you replace all before you start spending real money at Merc stealerships. Good luck!
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    Slow Heating!

    Thanks Fuzzer. Yeh... know about the jet engine switch but this seems to make no difference. Well actually this seems to come on anyway when cold, even with switch is OFF. Though sound has smell as well.. just like a jet engine.. great sniff .. anyway! Prev owner said he had problems with it...
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    Slow Heating!

    Think this was touched on a while ago. Have C220CDI Sport(1999) and am concerned about the long(10-12 minute wait) before any kind of heat takes effect while warming up on morn startup. What's more I get more frozen condensation (from breath I think) after I get into car than I ever had with...
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    Auxilary heater C220 CDI

    Many thanks for that Rich, I can sleep well now I've aquired my new MB electronically heated thermals that glow in the night, good old German realiability! Zen
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    Auxilary heater C220 CDI

    Thanks for response. How much quicker? Still takes heater 5-10 to warm up first thing on these cold mornings. Is that normal?
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    Auxilary heater C220 CDI

    Does anyone know of/ or is aware of problems of failure of Auxilary heater. This is the heater that's supposed to warm engin coolant if its below 8 degrees C, found under the front drivers side wing. The previous owner said you are supposed to hear it when it kicks in! I definetly can't...
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    As a new member, and also hope to be the proud owner of a C220 CDI Auto tomorrow (Sat), I am hoping someone can put me in right direction or recommend anyone that can alter/ change the ECU to improve BHP. Have made inquiries on various web sites but have had no replies. Please... please... can...
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