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    Bank holiday driving

    This 'generalism' is just that - a general rule. It doesn't work, the faster you go and if you do the maths you will find that just shy of 60mph, the 2 second rule does not work. At speeds above 57 - 58mph ish - the 2 second rule will cause you to hit the car in front (albeit at a snails pace)...
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    How to repair a Scratch

    he won't pay. No witnesses. get a deposit off him to see if he's genuine.
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    SL55 AMG V8 Kompressor

    Finally I happy or sad.........mixed feelings. Sold to a guy who owned an SL65! Said the 65 was 'too refined' and "never sounded angry". Didn't rate the V12 bi-turbo at all. Sold @ £16k. Over the 5 years I had her, I spent £5k in spares and repairs and lost £500 in resale value...
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    Reluctant sale of an original and limited edition SL55.

    Finally I happy or sad.........mixed feelings. Over the 5 years I had her, I spent £5k in spares and repairs and lost £500 in resale value. £5.5k over 5 years equates to £20/week....£80/month. For the honour of owning a supercar....Ausgezeichnet!
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    Classic valuations

    Adrian Flux did an agreed valuation on my Merc for £15. I suggested the price and their underwriters got me to fill a form in and take 7 strategic piccies. They got back within the week and agreed my suggestion. Couldn't have been simpler.
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    Reluctant sale of an original and limited edition SL55.

    Price should read £16,500. Changed it weeks ago, don't know what happened there? Could have sworn it was changed??
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    The trials and tribulations of selling cars

    Trying to sell my Merc and BMW (going thru an OCD moment!). Reluctant sale of an original and limited edition SL55. BMW 323Ci | eBay (Car isn't sold - the buyer didn't show up!!). This is the latest so far: Scam - "Living abroad, looking for a present for my father, will send shipping...
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    Why do owners of cabriolets do this ?

    Pathetic isn't it - one buys a soft top and non soft top people criticise us for when and where we can raise or lower our roofs WTF? Get a life lads. People with soft tops love the roof down - end of. Popping into a pub or a store for no more than an hour does not present a threat. Yes if you...
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    V5c [ log book] previous owners details removed.

    From a recently previous life, it was brought to my attention that V5's and other 'similar' documentation (MoT's for instance) - all go towards Identity theft, in the wrong hands. The 'scammer' may already have some info on you from the advert, your e-mail address, your telephone number, etc. In...
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    Unmarked Police car

    You'd think the standard police fleet car would be the Fiat Panda...................I'll get my coat :oops:
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    C63 & snow foam

    What 'actual' range are you getting in E mode?
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    SL55 AMG cooler fan replace

    Just had a quote from MB for a cooler fan. A plastic 11 bladed fan inside a plastic shroud driven by a clutched motor with a sensor unit attached - £900 :wallbash:. Are MB taking the proverbial or what???? Nissen/Valeo it is!!!
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    Tyre choices driving me crazy

    Correct - stored cars eat tyres for breakfast!!! (Unless they are jacked up of course).
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    C63 & snow foam

    Lexus 500 hybrid. Two things put me off (a little) with the i8: 1. Gull wings - need to plan ahead where one parks! Also if the car rolled in an accident - how do doors open? 2. Cars introduced in UK in 2014, batteries now 5 years old - warranted to 8 years I believe? Over the next few years...
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    AMG Polo Shirt anyone?

    Matching cagoules for him and her - sad!
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