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    Brabus Power Extra D3 (II)

    Open to sensible offers before it goes on ebay
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    Brabus Power Extra D3 (II)

    As long as your engine number starts 633 this will fit
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    Brabus Power Extra D3 (II)

    Brand new never fitted includes unused installation certificate, fitting instuctions etc Fits E/C 220 CDI (W/S 211/W/S/C 203) 203/211-633-00/10 These were £1500 fitted from a MB Dealer £300 ovno
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    Flat badge on W203 - Have I got the right one?

    Get the one from the same year coupe they are flat as standard.
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    Merc Right - Kings Heath

    Anybody used Merc Right in Kings Heath Birmingham ? What are your views about them ?
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    AMG badges on non-AMG Mercs

    I say yes, as long as the car came factory fitted with AMG styling kit like my C220 Coupe.
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    Carbon Build Up

    I'd just like to remove some of the carbon to try and reduce the labour charge (time) when the car goes in to be fixed.
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    Carbon Build Up

    I have a leaking injector on my 2001 C220 CDI. There is a fair amount of carbon build up around the injector and the glow plug. What is the best way to remove this to be able to change the injector and glow plug? Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    wheel centre caps

    Got mine from ebay too.
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    DIY Window tinting

    Not worth the hassle - shop around and pay a sensible price for a prfessional job.
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    W203 AMG lip spoiler finally fitted

    Car looks great, nice mods.
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    Headlight difference

    Had a similar problem with chrome headlight trims, seems the coupe lights are a slightly different shape to the saloon/estate.
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    I've Bought Mesell Some New Car Mats !!!

    Great products and service.
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    Sill covers.

    They look the dogs danglies !! :-)
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    Anyone used these clip on blinds?

    I have the MB ones on the rear side windows of my C220 Coupe - they are great, prescise fit etc. Bought from ebay, cheap as chips. I ordered the rear window one from MB to match, aweful product didn't fit the window shape at all just a band across the middle. Returned it & got a full refund.
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