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Becoming a trader on the UK’s biggest, premier and most successful MB forums – MBClub.co.uk and now approaching 3 Million posts and with over a million page views a month!

Our aim is to bring you as a well established successful trader on to our trader scheme. You will offer discounted services provided to our target audience whom are not only from the UK but global!

We will work with you to bring exclusive discounted offers not available elsewhere to our members.

As well as promoting your site you will agree to become an active member of the forums offering help and advice, we will actively encourage you to post details about any special offers or group buy discount schemes. We try to regularly hold annual official events and encourage you to attend with any show cars, equipment or merchandise.

As an authorised trader you will also be listed in within a special MBClub community forum. Within this authorised trader section you can introduce yourself and list all the services provided. You would also be allowed to use our enormous classifieds section for any offers/group buys. We have also a trader testimonials section that users can filter by company name.

As a trader we have a duty to protect both you and our members so we have a special area on the forum that only the traders can view, this helps us form a bond with you and offer an area where any disputes can be debated.

As an authorised trader you will have an official trader status displayed under your chosen name. Your chosen username can be a company name rather than the usual name alias.

Google us – Use Google to see how we are consistently number one for all Mercedes technical, modifications and meetings site in the UK and beyond. We use and monitor analytics and always are developing our search engine optimisation to ensure your company has top hits for Mercedes automotive searches.

How much does this cost? 2020 costs for advertising as a first time trader are £450 pa. Currently we have only 7 well known Mercedes related companies already advertising with us and this is evidence of our quality that we only only allow certain companies unlike other forums who dilute the value they provide by allowing everyone and their dog become sponsors.

We will vet all the traders who apply for this ‘advertising’ scheme and we reserve the right to refuse any application and withdraw the service at any time.

The blurb below is displayed to all our members:

The deal between MBClub and the traders:

This service is now regulated by us and only authorised traders in this area are allowed to advertise on the forums. We have asked the traders to comply to a few of our rules and one of them is to provide our members with discounted services.

The deal between the traders and you:

A discount scheme plain and simple. To be eligible and qualify for this scheme you must have a post count of 100 - You will automatically have a user title 'Hardcore MB Enthusiast' when you reach 100 posts.
Any abuse of this system will not be tolerated by both Traders and MBClub. If you are a Car related advertiser and wish to offer our members any benefits please use the contact us feature.

Problem with a trader ?

Please remember that MBClub does not endorse any trader on this site - if you have a problem with one of the authorised traders you should try and resolve this with the trader themselves. If you have no luck then please contact one of the admin team by using the contact us feature found on the bottom of this site. The staff here will discuss the issue privately within the team. If persistent complaints are made we will take this up with the trader concerned. “

If you would like to apply then please use the contact us form for more information.

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    Sep 12, 2017
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