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  1. Paul

    Back after 17yrs

    Hi all, I've not been on here for nearly 17yrs so I doubt anyone will remember me. I did have a E230 back then. I have come across an absolutely mint E220 (61 reg) which I purchased, hence I'm back.
  2. Paul

    Air-con' question.

    Ok I cant stay away because you lot are such knowledge, hence my post..... The Galaxy bus I now got seems to only blow out slightly cool air and not what I would cool chilled air. I have the car booked in for a re-gas and test this I dont mind paying myself. BUT... If its more serious like...
  3. Paul

    It's Gone :-(

    As many of you know things have changed a lot for me other the last year or so. As a result I have had to sell the car and get a people carrier :crazy: . I traded in my car with F.S.H and 77,00 miles for £6,000 :( , but most dealers wanted to offer me £3,500 :eek: . So what have I got...
  4. Paul

    Front disc wear

    I had my original front brake disc's changed at 50,000m. They were still within the service limit but as I was having new pads fitted I decided to change the disc's as well. Now just 20,000m later I have been told they are due to be replaced AGAIN as they are on the service limit :confused...
  5. Paul

    Auto dimming mirror. Life is golden!!!!

    Hi everyone, Im still here just been very busy :crazy: . Anyway back to my problem, My drivers door mirror has dimmed and wont return to normal. It's now constantly golden in colour. The heating and electric movement are all working. It's purely the dimming bit that has gone wrong...
  6. Paul

    Your thoughts.

    On the MBOC site, Kenny (MBZSL230K) has suggested a Christmas dinner with us as the GTG was so popular, also maybe a Go-Karting day in 2004. What are your thoughts on this? I am up for it, so let me know.
  7. Paul

    Totally Off Topic!!!

    I was talking to someone today and they were refering to taking "POPPERS" what are these? I didnt want to look a complete tw*t so made out I knew what they meant :rolleyes: . I assume its a form of drug or something.
  8. Paul

    I'm back.

    We finally got home at 0400 this morning, after a 800+ mile drive :crazy: . As Motard (Bob) as said we met him on the first day, shame you had to work though Bob. I dont know what you did to my kids but they all wanted to see you again :D . Thanks for the wine which is now safely laying...
  9. Paul

    See you all in two weeks.

    Well thats it, I'm off for my two weeks holiday near Agde, S/France :cool: . Dont want to rub it in but it is in the high 30's at the moment :D . See you all soon. :rock: Of course I will be seeing Bob (Motard) sooner.
  10. Paul

    Noooo, not again.

    Most of you know I had a new windscreen fitted when I had my corrossion done last week. Well on my way to visit my parents I heard a loud bang, Yep, it was a stone hitting my new windscreen :( as I looked a small crack appeared by the drivers "A" pillar that grew and grew as I looked at it...
  11. Paul

    I assume no ones busy at work !

    I cant help noticing that this afternoon the forum was quite busy with lots of postings going on, yet this evening things seem slack :confused: . So I have come to two possible answers: 1) Work was slack so you had a look at the site. 2) The wife moans when your browsing the site in...
  12. Paul

    Medway Mercedes.

    For those that are unfortunate to have to use them I have some good news. They are officially closing down at the end of June :bannana: . The new dealership will be on the Gillingham Business park. This will be part of the new Maidstone group which is part of the Whitehouse group. So...
  13. Paul

    E200 kompressor, car performance test

    As you will hopefully of noticed I current have at my disposal a E200 Kompressor :) , well in the name of science and because you lot like a bit of fun, Greg and I deceided to risk live and limb and do some performance testing. This was under a strictly controlled enviroment (Local By-pass)...
  14. Paul


    Greg I notice your signature has changed and includes a new car. Is there something your not telling?? P.S Thanks for assistance your a top bloke. :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
  15. Paul

    Mark 300SL

    Where are you mate, we havent heard from you for a while. Hope all is well.:confused:
  16. Paul

    GTG, My Promise.

    Dear all, Just to set some minds at rest about our summer GTG. This event is being advertised as a JOINT informal event between our club and the MBOC. I do not intend to let any one group take over this event or try and claim it as there own. Any articles on this GTG must be clearly...
  17. Paul

    2003 Summer GTG.

    Saturday 16th August 2003!!!!!!!! The place is Maffs house, in Taplow, near Maidenhead, Berkshire. More details to come about food / time etc. Please keep your diaries free, this will be a big one with members of the MBOC attending aswell. For those that havent been to Maff's place...
  18. Paul


    Please empty your PM box as I wish to contact you with regards to GTG, or advise me of E-mail address. Thanks mate.
  19. Paul

    French auto routes & speeding.

    As I have mentioned previously, We have our holiday in the S/France in a couple of weeks. Now, although I saw no evidence of this the last time I drove in France (Paris to my front door in 4hrs!) I have been told this: When you enter a toll road your ticket is of course time stamped, then...
  20. Paul

    Wheres Ricky "V12"

    Whats has happened to Ricky alias "V12". Hope all is well and your just busy Ricky.
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