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    4 x 225 55 r16 wintertyres. Avon Ice Touring ST. 99xl

    Ideal for W/S211. 6mm all round, no repairs or damage. Only used one season. £140 the lot. A no brainer at this price, , save the wear on your summer tyres, enjoy better tyre performance at under 7degrees c, and if the ice/ snow arrives, they'll keep you mobile, and may just save your...
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    2003 E320 CDI - Extremely high spec

    Reduced to £2850 ono, for very quick sale, or it will be px'd on Sunday.
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    2003 E320 CDI - Extremely high spec

    Still available, relisted on e-bay due to winning bidder failing to complete (or even show up!). It closed at £3,150, so I will accept that from a forum member, otherwise I'll let the auction run, and expect it to get, or exceed that figure. It did prove very popular last time round, despite a...
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    New Top Gear

    I'm not with the consensus on this one. I only just managed to sit through it yesterday, and concluded I should give up on it! The kids like it though!
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    2003 E320 CDI - Extremely high spec

    Now on ebay: Mercedes E350 Estate 2003, mega spec, fantastic condition and history NO RESERVE | eBay
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    That Sinking Feeling

    When I was a Special Constable around Hackney and Shoreditch, I encountered a lot of the low life you're talking about, and the lack of respect was incredible. Basically they would abuse the Police, because they knew we were toothless when it came to kids. Basically they felt (rightly), you...
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    w211 battery drain

    I have this problem, just started. I stupidly bought a new battery without first checking for a drain! Now I've got a nice new battery, after two days too flat to even unlock the doors (unless the battery or installation are faulty!
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    2003 E320 CDI - Extremely high spec

    Since post above, it's had a new turbo (remanufactured original Garrett), and a new Bosch battery. Find a better car for the money!
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    New Top Gear

    Nothing miserable about being discerning! I did want to enjoy it, TG was one of my favourite shows. It was never going to be the same without JC, Hamster, and Captain Slow, but could have been great. The BBC has vast resources, the film crew are one of the best in the business, and Chris...
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    New Top Gear

    Agree with lots of the above. Chris seems desperate, probably realising how crap it is, and trying to hard to compensate with over enthusiasm (shouting). I quite like LeBlanc, I have time for Evans too, but they should be themselves. The BBC should not be trying to re-create the old format...
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    Personal best mpg in my 211 320CDi

    Mine often returns over 40, mixed a and b roads. It was much less economical until I replaced the thermostat.
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    French on strike again

    Re the 20l jerry can. In addition to causing a problem on the Ferry, or Shuttle (at least if you disclose it), I think you'll also find it will invalidate your insurance, I believe carriage of up to 10l in properly secured 5 litre containers may be legal under DOT regulations, but 20l could be...
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    Mercedes e class estate 2016 roof rack and cycle bars

    I have a couple of Alustyle bike carriers you could buy, £50 each, plus postage?
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    S320 New Purchase, Airmatic Visit Workshop?

    I've just had airmatic issues on my W211, 2003. Mine was a front strut, and cost I guess around £500 all in. Since my car has already had the other strut, compressor, and control unit replaced, I'm now pretty relaxed about it. I guess it depends how long you're planning to keep the car, and...
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    Rosberg vs. Hamilton.

    First bold quote LH? Really? Maybe not his best start, but 'not sharp'?? Second quote, terrible eh, wanting to win, what does he think he is, a formula one driver or something! I think being happy to come in second behind your other team car is pathetic*, and makes the sport not worth...
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    Lost for words !

    That wasn't acceptable then, and would be totally illegal now, and I suspect you'd find very few teachers who would remotely want to perpetrate physical violence on children. They are a hard working and unappreciated lot, who certainly don't do it for the money. I'd say they certainly...
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    Rosberg vs. Hamilton.

    The more I think about it, and the more I read, the more I think Rosberg was probably at fault. I think as drivers it's easy to think that it's the car following which causes collisions, and that if you have the lead, you don't cede, which is fair enough. However, I'v been learning about...
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    Turbo replacement

    I have a new turbo (remanufactured) going on to my E320 cdi on Monday. Any tips on anything else that should be done at the same time? I've got the gaskets of course, and ordered the oil pipes. Anything to watch out for? Cheers, Bozman
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    Ticking noise...

    I agree Keith, and I guess the important thing is, whether your engine is noisy or not, to be able to tell if it sounds right, and if not, get it fixed. The OP correctly identified that the noise coming from her engine was not right. I'm just shocked that it's so much trouble to get MB to...
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