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    2006 W221 s class rear lamp warning

    My 2006 s class 550 keeps warning that a stop & tail bulb has failed on the left hand rear lamp. They appear to be working fine, I have checked all connections etc... is this a known fault? if so how much to fix? Thanks in advance
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    All ML Owners-advice sought

    Any ML owners out there who can advise me the best product or tips on cleaning the running boards please?
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    Info. required 2008 CLC 2.2 CDI Sports

    SWMBO is looking at a 2008 CLC 2.2 diesel sports. Are there any forum members who can share there experiances with this model? i.e. is it noisy, gutless etc... or should she steer clear? any information/thoughts welcomed.
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    CLK W209 rear bumper rubbing strip removal

    Is this an easy job? I need to remove it to repaint small section above the strip!
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    16" Alloy Wheels + Tyres off 2004 CLK

    For Sale 16" alloy wheels including 225/50/16 tyres. Wheels are in an unmarked original condition off a 2004 CLK Tyres have around 4mm tread on rear wheels, and around 2-3mm on the front wheels. All 'V' rated. I have just recently bought a set of after market wheels for my car hence...
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    paint shop pro help required?

    My brother runs a pub in East Anglia and is looking to smarten the bar area up, is there anyone out there who could help change the colours of the bits he wants to paint from photo's that I can email to whoever can assist me with this please? PM me if you can help out, and I will get some...
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    Norfolk / Suffolk Border GTG

    I am looking to host a GTG in Oulton Broad close to Lowestoft before the end of the summer. A local publican has offered me the use of his car park on a Sunday of my choice for the event. Please could you give me some dates that would suit you best. The venue is very close to...
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    Genuine MB wheels & tyres off 2004 CLK.

    For Sale 4 wheels complete with tyres off my 2004 CLK 270cdi. Tyres are pretty good with lots of tread left, wheels are in very good condition - no scuffs or corrosion. PM me in the first instance.
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    Sony CDX-GT710 CD player IPOD ready.

    Full details here:- As new condition, 5 months old comes complete boxed with all instructions etc... Plays MP3 formats and has a direct IPOD plug in capability...
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    Alpine SWE-1000 underseat amp for sale

    For Sale Alpine SWE-1000 underseat active amplifier. Full details availble here:- Only 4 months old, boxed as new condition. Complete with all instructions and unused remote control. Built in amplifier and very compact...
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    Do BMW make a M3 Diesel??

    Just to settle an argument at work, is there such a car?:confused:
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    HCHDC (hard core hood down club)

    As an SLK driver I try to drive with the roof down whenever possible so long as its not raining! So I am an active member of the HCHDC :rock: Anyone else out there as mad as me? :cool:
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    15" W203 alloy wheels with tyres

    15" alloy wheels complete with tyres off my old 2001 W203 All wheels unmarked all tyres with 6mm plus tread. Buyer to collect All enquiries by PM
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    Philips DVP5960 HDMI DVD player

    Philips DVP5960 HDMI DVD player, used twice (3 hours) - I am selling it to make room for a new HD DVD player so it has to go! Will sell boxed with all instructions remote control etc... Upscales DVD's to 1080 using HDMI cable (not supplied). Bargain at £35 including free delivery. Bag...
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    SLK grille

    Slk grille It is a DIY job which I did a few weeks ago and it has been replaced with a new slatted grille sourced off ebay. I am selling this as it is no longer required. The chrome star will not be included in the sale as I removed it to fit onto my new grille, but they are not an...
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    3 way amp, sub & component speakers

    DLS 3 way amp and DLS component speakers together with a boxed sub. This is a matched high end system which is taking up space in my bedroom wardrobe. Cost of this set up new was over £500. Comes complete with all Stinger cabling and fuses, amp mounted on carpeted MDF ready for boot...
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    2 sets of 16" merc wheels for sale

    16" wheels for sale 1 set off a 2001 w203 good clean condition, not kerbed good tyres. 1 set off a 1999 SLK 203K just been professionaly refurbished, good tyres. I can email pics upon request. PM me in the first instance.
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    Paintwork advice required.

    I am wondering if it is possible to paint the front and back plastic valances and the sills, (which are all coloured black) on my pre-face lift 1999 SLK 230 kompressor? as I would like to colour code them. If so is it also possible to colour code the plastic/rubber jacking point covers on the...
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    SLK 230 suspension query

    Just fitted some new 'Aero' 17" wheels to my 230K SLK. The front wheel arch looks nicely filled with the wheel/tyre combination, but the rear wheel arch has a larger gap between tyre and wheel arch. Is it possible to get hold of rear lowering springs? or is there another way of lowering...
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    Radio Remote Key V Shop Doors

    It may just be me, but have any of you had problems with your key setting off the alarms placed at exits to supermarkets, shops etc. ..? I really am paranoid now when I enter shops, 7 times out of 10 my key sets off the alarms on entering and leaving retail establishments. :crazy:
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