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  1. jukie

    Happy Birthday, C43AMG

    Happy Peter Day! Enjoy :banana:
  2. jukie

    Word association game

  3. jukie

    abandoned car

    Suspected abandoned cars are not the police's responsibility unless it can be shown to be involved in criminality or an RTC. You should contact your local council who remove it eventually.
  4. jukie

    Hay Fever

    Anyone who suffers with hay fever has my empathy. It can be dreadful. I use Opticrom and Beconase and take an Allacan tablet each night. I do also suffer with an allergy to animal fur that gives the same issues as hay fever. Whilst the Allacan tablet is non-drowsy, it does appear to help me...
  5. jukie

    Lenny's CLS 55 AMG

    Gorgeous motor. What is the official paint colour, please?
  6. jukie

    New Mercedes Advice

    Welcome to the forum. FWIW, I have the same engine in an E class and it's a belter. Smooth, refined, quiet for an oil burner and plenty of grunt when you want/need it.
  7. jukie

    W124 E36 AMG Wagon of loveliness!

    Still available
  8. jukie

    Now that’s what you call an engine sound ….

    I'm moved to tears when I see and hear four Merlins powering a Lanc. Just the best noise.
  9. jukie

    Peaceful Easter Sunday, not.

    Sunday I played the organ at both services at my church, 8:30am & 10:30am ⛪ :)
  10. jukie

    [SOLD] Bowers & Wilkins PX7 headphones

    Bump & price drop £170 inc P%P
  11. jukie

    E63 - police auction

    The car or the clothing?
  12. jukie

    E63 - police auction

    I'm sure they must appear regularly but it's the first time I've come across a car being sold by a Constabulary on eBay. W212 E63 5,5 POCA auction Bi-turbo, uncommon colour, I would say. Timing chain issue will need sorting, the cost of which may negate a potential bargain.
  13. jukie

    Fuel pricing - time to take that tough decision?

    Not in the slightest! Odds must be very long!
  14. jukie

    Who needs a G Class

    I don't need a G (or a Unimog) but I do want one!
  15. jukie

    RIP Shane Warne

    I'm a cricket nut. This is a black day. Two giants of the game gone. RIP both and thanks for the memories..........🏏🏏
  16. jukie

    [SOLD] Bowers & Wilkins PX7 headphones

    Space grey, adaptive noise cancelling & wireless (aptX) As good as new, only unsealed and taken out of the box to test. Working perfectly. £185 ovno (P%P included)
  17. jukie

    something wrong with this picture....

    That grille is horrendous on a pre-facelift W213
  18. jukie

    Happy Birthday, gurpz

    Happy Gurpz Day! Enjoy :banana:
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