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  1. kianok

    Just cut the grass...added a few pic's from the tropical Isle of Wight...How's your garden looking?

    I’m not much of a gardener but I do enjoy looking after our lawn. Not going to happen much this summer though as I’m six weeks in after snapping my tib and fib!
  2. kianok

    Lease return - Will MB charge for non-premium tyres?

    What brand of tyre have you had fitted?
  3. kianok

    Fuel Cap Restraining Strap

    Noticed the same on mine. It’s part of the cap so the easiest solution is to replace the cap for about 20 quid.
  4. kianok

    Virtual Pub

  5. kianok

    Very poor practice by dealership - possibly my last Mercedes

    Just be grateful they replaced the Nox sensor FOC.
  6. kianok


  7. kianok

    AMG Wheel Corrosion - Warranty Repair

    The dealer who rejected my claim encouraged me to do just that. It was almost as though they couldn’t be bothered dealing with it. Unfortunately I had other things going on at the time so never got round to it and now have scabby wheels!
  8. kianok

    AMG Wheel Corrosion - Warranty Repair

    I’ve had a full set replaced in the past without issue for the same reason. More recently however I was met with a flat refusal when the same occurred on my current car. The curse of diamond cut wheels!
  9. kianok

    GLE 3l d engine seizure

    Maybe try an EV next?
  10. kianok

    Underpowered, vibration, exhaust smell & now EML!

    Not all dealers will rip you off. Needed a session on STAR recently and the main dealer charged me £80. Rather pay that then play the guessing game.
  11. kianok

    Stalls when put into Drive cold start

    Book a session on STAR and get the faults read and take it from there.
  12. kianok

    Can I get some advice?

    WBAC won’t be interested in any parts in the slightest.
  13. kianok

    Instrument cluster not working??

    Try charging the battery again and take it from there, sounds like you have an issue with the battery in any case. The mileage isn’t stored in the cluster so if you do have to change it the correct mileage will be shown.
  14. kianok

    Interesting places

    Looks like an extension of the house on the left?
  15. kianok

    Drivers door window

    Give this a try
  16. kianok

    RIP Sir Clive Sinclair

    Persuaded my parents to buy me an Acorn Electron rather than a spectrum. Literally a school boy error!
  17. kianok

    5exy leadwork.

  18. kianok


    Not keen on the wheels. Other than that it’s stunning.
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